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Brain Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The right brain cancer diagnosis and treatment are needed to make the healing chance is bigger. To get the right cure, it is for sure that the sufferers need to consult a doctor.

This illness is divided into two different types; primary and secondary. Primary is the malignant tumor that is started from the brain itself.

Meanwhile, secondary is the abnormalcell that appears in the other parts of the body and then spreads until the brain. Both of them are quite severe and must be cured.

However, brain cancer is a condition that cannot be cured totally. Although the treatment is successfully done, the possibility of this illness appearing is still there. Read also: What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?

Brain Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

The Brain Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

To know the diagnosis, a doctor will ask about the symptoms that you have and do several tests as well. That is done to ensure the cause and how severe this illness is. Read also: What is The Life Expectancy of Metastatic Brain Cancer?

Right now, there are some tests or checks which are known by the people. Below are the examples of those tests:

1. CT Scan

This check uses the X-Ray light to create a picture of your current brain condition. It is generally used to know the tumor, strange solid mass, abnormal cells, or other situations.

2. MRI Scan

This check is done to display a picture from your brain in a more detailed way. To do so, the therapist may use the computer and magnet power.

3. PET Scan

This test is done by injecting some radioactive liquid to display the cancer cell. After it is known, the doctor may do several further treatments as a follow-up.

4. Biopsy

The biopsy is a brain cancer diagnosis and treatmentwhich is done by taking the sample of the tumor. After that, it is then checked in a laboratory to get a further result.

Besides these checks, some other tests may be also done based on each condition of the patient. It is better to consult your doctor to get the right one.

The Treatment Options for the Brain Cancer

The cure of this illness is done to erase the tumor as much as possible and try to stop its development. That thing is done to stop its growth and make sure that it won’t appear anymore.

To get the goal, the doctors may recommend these major healing which is quite effective. Below are those procedures which are done medically, so check this out.

1. Operation or surgery

This brain cancer diagnosis and treatment is done by lifting the malignant tumor. The Tumor can be lifted totally or even most of its part without disturbing its major function.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Is done by using several medicines to kill the cancer cells and usually it is given after the surgery procedure. It is a general treatment that is known nowadays.

However, chemotherapy can be also done to relieve the symptoms felt by the patients. It is especially if the tumor is unable to be lifted.

3. Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy uses radiation to kill cancer cells after surgery or to relieve symptoms. In addition, you may need to undergo various other treatments.

The type of treatment you will establish depends on the type of tumor you have, the stage of cancer, your age, and your overall health condition. Always consult a doctor is important.

Are there any Effects?

Based on some sources, the procedures above may create several effects. The example is hair loss, broken healthy cells, make the body is weaker, and many more again.

However, so far the effects are not harmful and always be maintained by the doctor. That is why; don’t be afraid to have this brain cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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