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What Is the Survival Rate of Prostate Cancer?

What is the survival rate of prostate cancer in less advanced and advanced stages? Prostate cancer is a type of cancer every man must be concerned about. With this disease spots the second leading cause of death in men in the US, knowing the prognosis of prostate cancer becomes essential. 

As with other types of cancer, early diagnosis can help with the treatment and lead to an improved survival rate. However, the average survival rate represents all patients with prostate cancer so it is not accurate to predict someone’s prognosis.

What Is the Survival Rate of Prostate Cancer?

What Is the Survival Rate of Prostate Cancer in Local and Regional Stage?

Most cases of prostate cancers are detected in their early stages, reaching up to 85 percent of all occurrences. In their local and regional stages, many patients can be successfully treated so they can live without this disease after five years.

On top of that, the survival rate of prostate cancers that are screened early is pretty heartening. Following are the average survival rate of local and regional cancer prostate patients according to the American Cancer Society.

1. After 5 Years

The average relative survival rate reaches nearly 100 percent after five years of diagnosis. This means almost all prostate cancer patients can live normally like males without prostate cancer. A doctor or healthcare provider may suggest active surveillance for the treatment.

2. After 10 Years

The tenth year after diagnosis shows a slightly lower survival rate up to 98 percent. Of 100 percent of prostate cancers, only 2 percent of them are less likely to stay alive compared to a healthy man.

3. After 15 Years

Fifteen years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, the average survival rate slightly falls to 95 percent. This means only 5 percent of patients are not alive after 15 years of diagnosis.

It is important to keep in mind that these numbers do not accurately predict an individual’s prognosis. Consult with your doctor or healthcare provider with more accurate statistics of survival rate.

Survival Rate of Advanced-Stage Prostate Cancer

While most men with prostate cancer are diagnosed in their early stage, about 7 percent of total cases are diagnosed in the distant stage. This means the cancers have spread in the other parts of the body, including lungs, bones, spinal cord, and more. What is the survival rate of prostate cancer?

With cancers that have invaded other parts of the body, it is more difficult to cure and the survival rate falls significantly. The average 5-year survival rate of patients with advanced cancer is as low as 28 percent. This means 72 percent of patients cannot survive in five years of diagnosis.

The high rate of death in advanced prostate cancer is commonly caused by complications, such as anemia, sepsis, pneumonia, and complications caused by surgical procedures. Chronic respiratory disease and pulmonary embolism are often linked with prostate cancer complications.

However, survival rates depend on some factors like risk category and existing comorbidities. Ask your doctor for accurate survival rates of prostate cancer.

Possibility of Recurrence

Cancer that was treated can reoccur. Despite the initial primary therapy the patients received, about 20 to 30 percent of them will relapse. Prostate cancer recurrence can be detected by a PSA test after five years of the initial therapy.

The possibility of recurrence heavily depends on the aggressiveness and extent of cancer. Once a rise in PSA levels is detected, healthcare providers will observe its aggressiveness. CT scans or bone scans can be performed if necessary.

Recurrence of prostate cancer can be found in the pelvis or anywhere else in your body. Your doctor or healthcare provider will perform radiographic scans to locate the recurrence.

What is the survival rate of prostate cancer? Early-stage prostate cancer has higher survival rates nearly 100 percent. However, some factors can play a role.

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