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What Is the Prognosis of Kidney Cancer?

When someone gets kidney cancer, they may ask about “what is the prognosis of kidney cancer?”. However, it’s accepted when most people who get this disease are looking for a clear image of how big the chance of surviving they have.

The survival rate for cancer however is a term of the proportion of patients that can survive once they are diagnosed with the disease. When it comes to the rate of survival, it’s classified into terms of 1 year, 5-year, or even 10-years survival rates.

To understand these terms clearly, let’s find out the answer below about how the staging of this disease can affect the prognosis of the patients.

What Is the Prognosis of Kidney Cancer?

What is the Prognosis of Kidney Cancer?

Prognosis refers to the expected outcome of the disease or in other words, it’s called the rate of survival. To get a certain number of the prognosis, patients first need to discuss their disease with an expert one like a doctor.

When we’re talking about the survival rate, there will be no connection between this term and the staging. The staging of cancer however will be the main factor as the prognosis works out.

Due to this situation, the earlier the diagnoses get, the better chance of survival will be. Instead, when the tumor has widely spread over the other area of the body, it’s likely difficult to remove all those cells totally.

But still, it can keep them always under control. Patients who have taken any surgery will potentially have better outcomes, while any other factors like fitness, age, and medical history are as well.

Staging of Renal Cell Carcinoma

As the patients have been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, then the doctor will determine the staging which involves several tests like CT scans or any imaging tests. However, what is the prognosis of kidney cancer, and how it’s staged?

1. Stage 1

In the first staging, the tumor has a diameter around 7cm confined to the kidney.

2. Stage 2

When it comes to stage 2, the tumor has a size around 7 cm or larger and is still found on the kidney.

3. Stage 3

Stage 3 shows that the tumor has grown into the other area of the body from the kidney. It surrounds tissue and is found nearby the lymph node.

4. Stage 4

The tumor that is classified as stage 4 may have spread beyond the kidney. Not only in the area of the lymph nodes but also found in the other parts of the body like bones, lungs, or the liver.

The Connection Between Kidney Cancer Stage and Prognosis

As you get the answer to the question “what is the prognosis of kidney cancer?”, now we bring you the explanation about the staging system and how it will affect the rate of survival.

1. When patients get the first stage of tumor and they have a good treatment, the 5-year survival rate may come to 90%.

2. In the second stage of this disease, the 5-year rate of survival is around 65% to 75%. However, there is still any possibility to be fit, well, and survive as the tumors grow slowly.

3. For stage 3 tumors, the survival rate is around 40% to 70% with cancer still in lower grade while the patients are also well and fit.

4. In the 4th stage of tumors, it’s around 10% of the 5-year rate of survival. But still, it depends on how the cancer grade is. With the lower grade of tumor and the spread only coming to local areas, the 5-year prognosis can be better with around 40% of survival rate.

Experiencing a disease like kidney cancer may seem worrying for most people. But still, you have a chance as well as you’re wondering about “what is the prognosis of kidney cancer?”.

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