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What are the Survival Rates for Uterine Cancer

What are the survival rates for uterine cancer? This information is so important for the sufferers of this disease and for their families as well. The hopes are always there since the medical industry is always developed.

Several sophisticated methods have been found and used. Furthermore, in the future, there are maybe some other effective procedures found. It is because the researchers are not stopped to make the new researches.

On the other side, new medicines can be developed as well. The chances to get effective drugs in the future are widely opened.

What are the Survival Rates for Uterine Cancer

The Progress of this Disease Worldwide

Life expectancy depends on various different factors. Those are like the age, health condition, stages of the tumors, sizes, other illnesses, and so on.

It cannot be denied that Uterine cancer is so scary for all the women in the world. In the United States, this disease is the 4th common type of tumor for women.

Before talking about What are the survival rates for uterine cancer, make sure to understand its early sign. Most of the sufferers are diagnosed at an early stage. It is because they have been feeling the symptoms.

The most common one is abnormal vaginal bleeding in a menopause period or outside the menstruation cycle. In the united states of America, the death because of this illness increased by about 2 percent each year. That was happened from 2009 up to 2018.

What are the Survival Rates for Uterine Cancer

5-year is the general time range to measure this rate. It is a sign that will tell you what is the percentage of sufferers live in at least five years after they are diagnosed. The percentage is around 81% so far.

Meanwhile, the black woman has 63% and the white women are 84% for the survival rate. It means that black women are usually diagnosed with the more aggressive types of malignant cells. That is why; they have a lower life expectancy.

The Percentage based on the Location

What are the survival rates for uterine cancer can depend on the location of the tumors as well? It is called local when it is only found in the area when it is started.

Since it is still the early stage, the life expectancy is still high and reaching 95 percent. Based on the data, white women are found in this level than the black ones.

Meanwhile, if the malignant cells have spread regionally, the percentage of living is 69%. The severest one is when those infected cells are also found in the other body parts.

The examples are in the liver, bladder, brain, and many more again. The life expectancy for this case is quite low which is only 17 percent.

The Seer Database for the Reference

In the United States itself, nowadays there are more than 600,000 women are infected with this disease. What are the survival rates for uterine cancer shown by the SEER database?

It tracks the five-year rates for this endometrial cancer in the country. The measurement is based on how far the malignant tumors have spread in the patients' bodies.

It groups the malignant cells based on the location, so it is not due to the stages. Just like the information above, the differentiations are called localized, regional, and distant.

The distance is the worst situation where the abnormal mass can also be found in the other organs. The examples are in the lungs, bladder, lung, liver, and many more again.

This database is valid, but it can be different in other countries. What are the survival rates for uterine cancer for this case are basically higher than the other types.

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