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What are the Stages of Uterine Cancer

What are the stages of uterine cancer? Are they the same just like the other diseases which you can find at the right time? After getting a diagnostic from the doctors, they will conclude in what stages are you. It can be decided based on several aspects or factors.

The examples are the symptoms, the size of the malignant cells, locations, and many more again. The severeness will also affect how the doctor makes that grouping.

The right diagnostic may give you the best treatments as well. If early detection can be done, the medical procedures will be more effective.

What are the Stages of Uterine Cancer

What are the Stages of Uterine Cancer

So far, there are four different stages to know from level 1 up to 4. In the medical reference, that is divided again into several more detail grouping. The first is level 1 where the malignant cells are still inside the uterus.

Meanwhile, level 2 is a condition where the abnormal mass has been spreading to the cervix area. The third stage (III) is when the malignant cells can even be found on the other areas outside the uterus.

Those are like the pelvic and the lymph nodes. However, they have not been spreading to the big intestine or your bladder. The severest level is stage IV with the worst condition.

It means that the malignant tumor cells have been spreading up to the bladders, big intestine, and even to the other body parts. The treatments are just for fixing the life quality.

How to Cure this Disease

Talking about what are the stages of uterine cancer cannot be separated from the procedures to cure this disease. These methods are based on some factors.

The examples are the stages, the sufferer’s health condition, type, size of the tumors, and so on. Here are the medical procedures which can be done:

1. Surgery

This step is the most effective one because the tumor will be lifted from the infected area. The mass lifted can be totally or just some of it.

Basically, everything is based on the situation and health condition. You have to know that this procedure is done when the disease is still in the early period.

2. Hysterectomy

It is a procedure of removal of the uterus. However, this action makes the sufferer unable to have children in the future.

This step can be taken where the cancer is quite severe and has been spreading to the uterus. It is a hard decision to have this one, but it may save a life.

3. Salpingo – oophorectomy

Due to what are the stages of uterine cancer, this cure method may be taken as well. It is a procedure of removing the ovaries and ducts of the egg.

Just like a hysterectomy above, this treatment step also causes people to be unable to have children. The after-treatment effect can be not comfortable too.

4. Chemotherapy

This procedure is quite familiar and popular among people. In this step, certain medicines will be used to kill the malignant cells and stop them from spreading.

Several drugs which are usually used are carboplatin, violating, doxorubicin, and paclitaxel. The dosage will be based on your overall condition.

Radiotherapy and Hormonal may be Recommended too

Besides that, to handle what are the stages of uterine cancer concluded by a doctor, radiotherapy can be recommended as well. What is it?

This method uses high-energy exposure to kill the infected cells. Usually, it is going to be combined with other procedures such as chemotherapy.

It is hoped that the spread will be stopped. Meanwhile, hormonal therapy is also another option to have by using some medicines to affect the hormone level.

Those are the common treatments that are recommended because they are not harmful. It is hoped that what are the stages of uterine cancer can be understood now.

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