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What are the Stages of Pancreatic Cancer?

It is essential to know what are the stages of pancreatic cancer. They can be divided into several different levels based on the typical condition of the sufferer. The examples are based on the symptoms, severeness, size of the tumors, and many more again.

However, you should know that this disease is not contagious. That is why; the activities done together with the patients such as having physical contact will not cause the illness to move to a healthy person.

There is nothing to worry about. However, it is still important to know what are the stages of pancreatic cancer, the causes, and many more again. Here is the further information.

What are the Stages of Pancreatic Cancer?


What are the Triggers?

The cause is still not sure. However, this illness can be triggered by the DNA changes found at the cell level. DNA itself is a sequence of commands for the cells to make them have the proper function.

When the Gen mutation has happened, the command inside may be broken. That is why; they will become abnormal and continue to split uncontrollably. Since they don’t die, the malignant tumor then is formed due to that process.

The mutation is able to be gotten from the parents or applied to someone right away after he was born. Several genes are had more risks to experience a mutation.

How This Illness can be Diagnosed

Having a straight diagnosis is also important than just knowing what are the stages of pancreatic cancer. To do so, the doctors will recommend several health tests.

The example is like the physical check where you will be asked about the symptoms. They may see the color of your white eyes, skin color, and swelling as well.

The imaging test may be taken as well where it is done to check for the presence of tumors, find out the location, and how large it is. These tests can be CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, PET l, and cholangiopancreatography.

Furthermore, the blood sample may be taken too to measure the CA 19 – 9 level and the carcinoembryonic (CEA) in your blood. The biopsy is also another check to take.

The function is to ensure whether tissue is cancer or. That is why; during the process, the doctors may take a small sample of the tissue and then check it in the laboratory.

What are the Stages of Pancreatic Cancer

Just like the others, you can note at least 4 different stages for this disease. Everything is based on the severeness and characteristic which is found by the doctors. That is why; it is important to get a medical check and Help as soon as possible. Here are the different levels of this kind of cancer:

1. Level 1

It means that the abnormal mass is still inside the pancreas and doesn't spread to the other parts. The size of that mass is less or more than 2cm.

2. Level 2

In this type, the malignant cells have been spreading to the other parts. The examples are in the small intestine, bile ducts, and lymph nodes near the pancreas.

Furthermore, the size of this mass is also bigger. Usually, it reaches 4cm or maybe more than that where the doctor may take the right cure.

3. Level 3

For this type, the malignant cells have been spreading to the other areas such as the stomach, spleen, colon, and blood vessels.

4. Level 4

This is the severest type among all where the malignant cells can be found in the other parts. The examples are in the lungs, kidney, or peritoneum. What are the treatments?

The doctors may combine several methods to fix the quality of life. So, what is the stages of pancreatic cancer could be divided into those 4 types.

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