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What are the Signs of Uterine Cancer

What are the signs of Uterine cancer? This question and information is always asked by so many people in an effort to be aware and stays away from this. This disease is started by the healthy cells are growing uncontrollably.

After that, they form tumors and lumps in the organ. The tumors can be malignant or not. In the uterine, that can be bigger and spread to the other organs inside your body.

What are the Signs of Uterine Cancer

The Parts of Uterine

Before talking about what are the signs of uterine cancer, make sure to know about its part first. The uterus has two main layers: endometrium and myometrium.

The endometrium is the inner layer while the myometrium is a thick outer part, most of which is used for delivering babies. This disease can appear in either the endometrium or myometrium.

When cancer appears in the myometrium, it is referred to as uterine sarcoma. Whereas when one appears in the endometrium, it is called endometrial carcinoma.

The endometrium is the most common location for this illness based on the medical data nowadays. Make sure to check your health condition to know everything.

What are the Signs of Uterine Cancer

The most common symptom is unexpected bleeding after the menopause stage. However, some other symptoms may also relate to this illness.

Examples are pain or difficulty urinating, during sexual intercourse, in the pelvic area, and bleeding unrelated to menstruation. You have to be aware of finding these things. However, they can also relate to other diseases.

That is why; getting the right diagnostic is so important, it is especially from the doctors. From that diagnostic, they are able to decide which treatments and cures are the best. Early detection is always better to have a more effective result.

The Treatments Available

If you are experiencing weird bleeding or after menopause, it is better to see the doctors. If the signs are close to this disease, cancer specialists doctors will be recommended.

What are the signs of uterine cancer between one patient and another can be different? First, you will have a pelvic exam. For your information, it can be a little bit uncomfortable.

During this examination, the doctor will examine the vulva, uterus, and ovaries. Your doctor will use a speculum to open the vagina to see your cervix. To diagnose this disease, they are going to check the endometrium.

To do so, the ultrasound biopsy, hysteroscopy, dilation, or curettage may be done. Transvaginal ultrasound involves using sound waves to create an image of your uterus. That is why; your doctor can examine the image and find the abnormalities.

The Hysteroscopy and Biopsy

In hysteroscopy, the doctor examines the inside of the uterus and endometrium by inserting a device called a hysteroscope through the vagina and towards the cervix, and then the uterus.

A hysteroscope is a thin, flexible pipe with a light source at the end. Meanwhile, A biopsy involves taking a small pinch of tissue from the uterus organ of the patient.

These tissues taken will then be analyzed in a laboratory to check for signs of the severe disease. If your doctor needs more tissue for biopsy, D&C will be performed.

To check what are the signs of uterine cancer, This action involves scraping the lining of the uterus to remove the tissue. Then it will then be checked for the abnormal cells.

If the above-mentioned examination confirms that endometrial cancer is present, the gynecological oncologist will decide on the appropriate form of treatment.

It means that the procedures can be different. It depends on What are the signs of uterine cancer that each patient has so far.

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