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What Are the Signs of Prostate Cancer in a Man?

What are the signs of prostate cancer in a man? Prostate cancer is among the most common types of cancer. This malignant tumor is often found in men but in extremely rare cases, women can also develop this uncontrolled cell growth. 

Just as with most medical conditions, prostate cancer has some signs. However, people who develop this cancer may not notice any signs in the early stages. That’s why screening is important as soon as you notice one or more signs.

What Are the Signs of Prostate Cancer in a Man?

What Is Prostate Cancer?

The prostate is a small gland located in men’s pelvis. The walnut-shaped prostate gland is a part of the reproductive system and produces seminal fluid which transports and nourishes sperm. It also contributes to hormone production and urine flow regulation.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancerous tumor that grows in the prostate gland. This condition has claimed the second spot of the leading cause of cancer deaths in the US, especially for men. It is also the most common cancer that occurs in men following skin cancer.

There are two types of growth in the prostate, benign and malignant. While a benign tumor is less harmful, a malignant tumor is cancerous and more aggressive than it can spread to other areas of the body, including the bladder, liver, and even bones.

The spread of prostate cancer cells may occur when it breaks away from the tumor and travels through blood vessels. When it reaches a certain part of the body such as the lungs or rectum, it may attach and grow new tumors.

The causes of prostate cancer are unknown to date. But there are several risk factors associated with this medical condition, such as age, ethnicity, smoking habit, family history, and diet.

What Are the Signs of Prostate Cancer in a Man?

Most men with prostate cancer do not notice any signs and symptoms in their early stages. But when cancer advances, several signs start to appear. It is important to know the most common signs of prostate cancer so you can take immediate action to treat it.

Here are commonly found signs of advanced prostate cancer in a man:

1. Urinary Troubles

People with prostate cancer may experience frequent urination. The tumor that develops in the pelvis starts to press your urethra and bladder, causing trouble passing urine. Even you may have to get up frequently at night only to pee.

2. Bowel Problem

What are the signs of prostate cancer in a man? Another common sign of prostate cancer in a man is bowel trouble. When cancer cells spread to your rectum, it can lead to constipation and blood stools. Some individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer also report stomach pain.

3. Leg Swelling

Advanced prostate cancer affects healthy cells in your body, including the spinal cord. It causes pain, tingling sensation, and even swelling in your legs. When lymph nodes in your groin area are affected, it may also cause swelling in the area.

4. Blood in Semen

In a severe condition, the growth of malignant tumors in your prostate can cause the presence of blood in your semen or urine. The cancer cells break blood vessels in the urethra then lead into the semen or urine.

5. Coughing

Advanced cancer can cause trouble breathing, which means the cells have spread to the lungs. You may experience a persistent cough and in some cases, you may develop a blood cough. Prostate cancer in the lungs can also cause fluid buildup that leads to infection and lung collapse.

What are the signs of prostate cancer in a man? There are some signs that commonly occur, from urinary troubles to back pain. Please note that the behavior of cancerous cells may vary depending on some factors, including your genetic. That’s why every individual may experience different signs.

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