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What are the Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

What are the risk factors of pancreatic cancer? This information is a must thing to known since people want to stay away from this deadly illness. It is related to the whole factors which are affecting the chance to be infected.

You should know that this factor cannot be avoided or controlled. For your information, this illness is quite deadly where life expectancy is low. It is because the pancreas is an important organ with a crucial function as well.

What are the Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

What are the Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

In fact, some people have more risks to be a sufferer of this disease. Below are the risk factors which can be known:

1. Overweight and Obesity

Being overweight is a reason to be a sufferer of this cancer and other diseases. The percentage to become an infected patient is up to 20 percent. The extra fat around the waist is also not good. That is why; it is better to start a healthy dietary habit starting from now.

2. Certain Chemical Substances Exposure

The harmful chemical substance intensively is also one of the reasons. The example is in your places of work which run the business in the chemical industry.

An example is the dry cleaning business and the metalworking industry. However, this aspect can be changed as long as you want it.

3. Age

What are the risk factors of pancreatic cancer? One of them is for sure the age where the older people may have the higher risk. In major cases, the sufferers are those who are 45 years old or more.

Besides that, smokers are also part of them and it is even having the highest possibility. The smokers are twice in getting the possibility to become a sufferer. It is because of the substances contained in the tobacco materials.

4. Gender

It is quite surprising where gender is in fact also taking a role. Based on the data, most of the sufferers are male due to their smoking habits.

Another reason is that male people have the higher level on the diabetic problem than the female. That is why; the suggestion is by having a healthier lifestyle from now.

5. The History in a Family

It cannot be denied that the illness history can be a great possibility as well. That is why; if you have that history, it is better to consult the doctors as soon as possible.

Furthermore, some diseases can trigger these malignant tumors. Those are uncontrolled diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, peptic ulcers, H. pylori bacterial infection, and hepatitis B.

Several other triggers such as lycopene and selenium deficiency, being overweight or obese, frequent exposure to radiation at high intensity, or having undergone radiation therapy are the factors too.

Preventing the Pancreatic Cancer

Some risk factors are unavoidable such as old age and heredity. However, that does not mean this disease cannot be avoided at all. To reduce the possibility of developing this illness, there are several things that can be done.

First is having a healthy dietary habit by eating enough fruits, vegetables, and nutritious foods. Don’t forget to maintain the ideal weight by doing the proper lifestyle and exercise. Stay away from alcohol is also a recommended effort to do.

You must not smoke and avoid harmful chemical substance exposure. Examples are pesticides and certain synthetic coloring substances. Those simple efforts may take a huge impact on your health condition right now.

It means that everything is started from the patient itself. Furthermore doing the medical check-up gradually is also suggested. It is especially after you know what are the risk factors of pancreatic cancer above.

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