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Life Expectancy after Diagnostic of Pancreatic Cancer

The life expectancy after diagnostic of pancreatic cancer is the thing that makes everyone scared. That is based on the fact which this disease is quite deadly.

The reason is that the signs or symptoms are unable to be felt at the very first stage. That is why; when someone felt it, usually it has been on the severe stage.

It means that the abnormal mass has been spreading to the other locations. Then location can be seen through the right procedures such as CT – scan and many more again.

Actually, the chance of getting cured 100% is not possible as long as this illness is detected early. So, below we will talk more about the survival rate.

Life Expectancy after Diagnostic of Pancreatic Cancer


Why it is Deadly?

Talking about the life expectancy after diagnostic of pancreatic cancer, the percentage is low. It is because the tumors are found after it has been in a severe stage.

That is why; the survival rate is small based on an explanation from the doctor. It is because the pancreas is located inside the stomach organ and early detection is difficult to do.

The early-stage will not create any symptoms. However, if the malignant tumors are getting bigger, they may press the blood vessel where it can trigger the painful sensation.

But sometimes the pain that arises is often considered stomach pain because of its close location. That is why; people often think it's heartburn or gastritis.

The Causes and Triggers

Until now the cause of pancreatic cancer is not known with certainty and is still in the suspected stage. But some theories say that genetic factors play a role.

That is even though they are not the main factor, as well as the imbalance of cell growth factors. It may be supported by other health conditions too.

The example is like obesity, overweight, smoking habit, heredity, radiation exposure, and many more again. Some are avoidable, but the rest are not such as old age.

If you want to stay away from this disease, make sure to start a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. The regular medical check-up will be helped as well.

The Life Expectancy after Diagnostic of Pancreatic Cancer

The Efforts to cure or extend the life expectancy of pancreatic cancer, need to continue. The survival rate of the patients in the first year after diagnosis is 20%.

After that, in five years, the figure dropped, to just 7% which means less than 10%. Based on a source, a doctor has ever stated that the best scenario is only a year. That hope is having a true meaning. It is because that hope can happen, but it may be wrong as well.

The low percentage above is once again caused by its symptoms which are not so typical. They are usually detected where everything has been too late.

The Aims of the Treatments

Besides talking about the life expectancy after diagnostic of pancreatic cancer, you must understand the treatments too. There are several therapies and methods so far.

Examples are chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, biopsy, and many more again. The most effective one can be surgery. It is especially if the abnormal mass is totally lifted. At the early stage, the hope of being healed 100% is possible.

However, at the severest level, the therapies are used for different reasons. It is unable to heal the patient, but just make his quality of life is better than before.

That can make the sufferers have a longer life and do their activities normally. The life expectancy after diagnostic of pancreatic cancer at this level is still not that high.

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