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Is Uterine Cancer the Same as Endometrial Cancer

Is uterine cancer the same as endometrial cancer? That question is maybe the most common one because these two diseases are looking the same.

The malignant tumor is identified according to the part of the body where it appears. When they are located in the uterus, it is referred to as uterine sarcoma or endometrial carcinoma.

The uterus consists of two parts: the cervix or the lower part. Another one is the body of the uterus or the upper part. So, sometimes people are confused to differ them. Below is further information and how to understand both diseases.

Is Uterine Cancer the Same as Endometrila Cancer

Is Uterine Cancer the Same as Endometrial Cancer

The uterus has two main layers: endometrial and myometrium. The endometrium is the inner layer while the myometrium is a thick outer layer, most of which is used for delivering babies.

For your information, malignant cells can appear in either of those parts. When it appears in the myometrium, it is referred to as uterine sarcoma. Whereas when it is located in the endometrial, it is called endometrial carcinoma.

This deadly illness mostly originates in this inner layer. The Class 1 tumors have at least 95% of the cancerous tissue that makes up the glands. These cases are not aggressive and usually spread slowly to other tissues.

The Type 2 is More Aggressive

On the other hand, type 2 (although not very common) is more aggressive and tends to attack tissue outside the uterus. Grade 3 tumors are the highest and are very aggressive.

The real cause of this illness is still not known yet. However, just like other types, it can be ascertained that this illness rises due to the formation of abnormal cells.

The healthy and normal cells will grow, but healthy ones will die in time. On the other hand, abnormal cells will continue to grow and form a tissue, referred to as a tumor.

So, Is uterine cancer the same as endometrial cancer? Basically, it is a yes, but they are actually the two different parts as well.

The Different Stages to Know

The gynecological oncologist will decide on the right form of treatment. Treatment will be based on the patient's stage after the doctors do several ranges of checks up. Endometrial carcinoma has 4 stages. Stage 1 is depicted with the malignant cells contained in the uterus organ inside our body.

On the other hand, level 2 is when these abnormal masses affect not only the uterus but also the cervix. Stage 3 is when it has spread outside the uterus.

Level 4 is when it has spread beyond the hip area and has affected the rectum, bladder, or other parts of the body. It Is actually the severest one.

Information like this is also important than just knowing Is uterine cancer the same as endometrial cancer or not. The doctors will help to find the right treatments.

The Therapies or Procedures Needed

Know you know Is uterine cancer is the same as endometrial cancer or not. However, what is the therapies that are usually recommended? The development of the medical industry, technology, and medicines make the number of treatments are now ranging. What are those options?

The most common one is for sure the surgery to lift up the tumors or infected area. However, usually, it is just for the early stages of the disease and based on the patient's health condition. The other options are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Hormonal, or even the combinations of them.

Mostly, the aim is to kill the abnormal cells. Furthermore, they can stop the spread of the growth of the infected cells as well. So, Is uterine cancer the same as endometrial cancer or not has been explained above.

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