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How to Detect Uterine Cancer Early

How to detect uterine cancer early? A lot of people want to know about it since the treatments will be more effective in this stage. It is for sure a really scary disease for all the women in this world.

The abnormal bleeding in the vag1na is usually becoming the main symptom of this illness. However, not all kinds of blessings are related to this cancer. Usually, it is also when you have it in the menopause period or outside the menstruation cycle.

Besides knowing how to detect uterine cancer early, make sure to understand the warning signs as well. This information may save a life in the future.

How to Detect Uterine Cancer Early

The Common Symptoms and Warnings

Besides the abnormal bleeding like what has been explained above, there are also some other signs which need to be known. Detecting them at the early stage will be great.

It is because the doctors may recommend the best treatments where the results are more effective too. So, here are the warnings and signs of this disease:

1. Too much bleeding when menstruation

2. Experiencing bad pain in the pelvic area

3. Don’t have any desires to eat

4. The bleeding which happens when a woman in a menopause period

5. The liquid comes out from the vag1na such as sweat, blood, blood, or the other weird liquid.

6. The painful feeling in the vag1na while doing s3xual intercourse.

7. Getting tired all the time

8. Painful feeling in the bottom part of the stomach

If you find the signs above, it is better to meet the doctor as soon as possible. It is an effort to how to detect uterine cancer. If the illness can be known as soon as possible, the right treatment is able to boost the healing process. It is because the tumors are not too severe.

How to Detect Uterine Cancer Early

The abnormal bleeding in the vag1na is not always happened because of the uterine tumors. However, the proper health check-up is always better.

The aim is to diagnose the illness correctly. To do so, below are the checks which are usually done by the doctor to detect the malignant cells in the uterus.

1. Blood test

The blood test can be performed since the cancer cells release some chemical substances to the flow. That is why; the appearance of the malignant cell can be seen from this test.

2. USG Transvag1nal

This detection is done to check the changes in your uterus wall thickness. If the thickness happened, it is maybe caused by this disease.

3. Biopsy

Another way in how to detect uterine cancer early is by doing a biopsy. On this test, the doctors will take some cells from the uterus wall.

The sum is to check the appearance of abnormalities or not. So far, this method is quite effective as well, so that the doctors can recommend it for you.

The Added Tests to Have

After doing the checks above and find the appearance of the cancers, usually, the doctor will add some further tests. The aim is to know the development of the cells.

The tests done are usually like the CT Scan, MRI, Rontgen, and many more again. After that, the infected tissue can be lifted too, and then it will be checked up in a laboratory.

This method in How to detect uterine cancer early is known as the hysterectomy. Furthermore, the combination between chemotherapy and radiotherapy could be performed too.

How to Avoid this Illness

Before getting infected, it is better to do preventive ways as soon as possible. There are so many ways to do such as by performing the gradual pap-smear method.

Don’t smoke, do the HPV vaccination, clean the vag1na properly, and do the safe s3xual intercourse are the preventive methods too. That is How to detect uterine cancer early.

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