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How Do You Diagnose Kidney Cancer?

How do you diagnose kidney cancer and find accurate results? It may need help from experts or professionals in giving a diagnosis that comes to a treatment plan. However, your doctor will suggest you take any kind of test with a variety of tools.

The usage of those various tools furthermore is truly needed to be applied for any people with RCC to evaluate the disease yet formulate the best treatment plan for them. These Kinds of tests may include laboratory and imaging tests.

If you have no idea about what multiple tests are applied to diagnose people with RCC, below we bring you the specific categories of any tests that are mostly used.
How Do You Diagnose Kidney Cancer

How Do You Diagnose Kidney Cancer?

When it comes to diagnosing a Kidney tumor, it begins with the healthcare provider asking the patient with detailed answers. It may involve the history of your health, the recent condition of the symptoms, or even the risk factors regarding your disease.

The healthcare provider or we can call it the doctor will immediately give you a physical exam. They will furthermore check the blood pressure or even any simple thing like the fever. The doctor will also check the multiple parts of your body such as sides, abdomen or belly, and the back for lumps.

Biopsy as the Option

When you have no idea “how do you diagnose kidney cancer”, one of many types that doctors use is a biopsy. It will help doctors to determine the cancerous mass as the imaging tests show evidence of the tumor.

The test however will begin with the part called local Anesthesia, which is inserting a needle into the tissue. As this process collects the cells or tissue, it will then be inspected under the microscope to see the tumor stage. However, a biopsy will be classified into these 2 options including:

1. Urine test

How do you diagnose kidney cancer? The first thing you may notice is the blood that comes simultaneously with your urine. There might be around 2 out of 5 people who will experience this kind of sign, especially when it has invaded the collecting system of the kidney.

For that reason, urinalysis is needed to make sure that the patient has bloody urine due to this disease. Once a doctor has your urine tested, they will see a specific result by doing the following process called urine cytology to make sure that there is a tumor existing in your urine.

2. Blood tests

Another test is a blood test. It may not be that clear as the doctor sees the blood and it can’t lead to the conclusion that there is a tumor over your kidney. But, the process like Complete Blood Count (CBC) and blood chemistry test will give a clear picture of the blood that is linked with kidney cancer.

Diagnosing Kidney Cancer

The common ways to diagnose this disease excluding the biopsy are:

1. CT scan

How do you diagnose kidney cancer if you have no idea how to do it? Trust the experts to do a CT Scan. It is the diagnosing process of the tumor that uses X-ray images to show the detailed image of the kidney.

2. Lab tests

When it comes to the lab tests, there are two things included:
  • Advanced genomic testing is conducted to find the DN alterations in tumor cells. It should be found as it may drive the growth of the tumor.

  • The second exam is a nutrition panel. It’s a test that is very useful to evaluate the deficiency of nutrients like vitamin D and iron in the patients. It also helps the medical team to identify the nutrients of the patients that should be replaced or boosted.

3. MRI

Another option is MRI when it will be really useful to detect and diagnose this disease. Not only giving the perfect detail, but it also uses soft tissue that may look better than a CT scan.

Once you understand the best things to do as you find a tumor over your body, you don’t need to worry. So, how do you diagnose kidney cancer? The only right answer is trusting your doctor to handle this.

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