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Colon Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

Knowing colon cancer survival rates by stage can help you to take preventive measures so you don't get the disease. Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is a type of cancer that grows in the large intestine.

Colon cancer sufferers usually do not realize when cancer cells begin to grow. The growth of cancer cells in the intestinal tract will be detected if polyps are found. The period for polyps to turn into cancer cells is within three to ten years.

In the presence of polyps, DNA changes occur very quickly. For someone who is aged 50 years and over, it is recommended to do a colonoscopy to detect colon cancer.

Colonoscopy is an examination of the large intestine to see if there are polyps or not. As in other cancers, colon cancer is also categorized into 4 stages. In each stage, life expectancy can be predicted.

Life expectancy will be higher if cancer is detected early, therefore it is highly recommended to have regular health checks to determine the condition of your body.

Colon Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

Get to Know the Colon Cancer Survival Rates by Stage

Usually, people with early-stage colon cancer do not feel any symptoms. That's why many patients come to the hospital with conditions that are already advanced stage and difficult to cure.

In stage I, the patient usually does not feel any symptoms and can carry out activities as usual. If you are diligent in screening and colon cancer is found, then treatment can be done immediately.

When treatment is carried out as early as possible, colon cancer survival rates by stage I can reach 90% if it is supported by changes in lifestyle to become healthier. At this stage, treatment measures can be carried out only with surgery without chemotherapy.

Furthermore, in stage II, usually, symptoms have begun to be felt, such as frequent abdominal bloating, sudden abdominal pain, to defecation accompanied by blood. Treatment at stage II can be done with surgery and is supported by chemotherapy.

Colon cancer patients at stage II have a life expectancy of up to 60%. It also depends on the action taken and the physical condition of the patient.

Colon Cancer Survival Rates for Stage III and IV

In advanced stages, colon cancer can hardly be cured completely. The colon cancer survival rate by stage III is about 40%. Treatment can be through surgery and supported by chemotherapy.

Not only that, but the application of healthy living can also be one of the supporters of a higher life expectancy. Consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is highly recommended to provide the nutrients the body needs to recover.

Finally, patients at stage IV have a very low life expectancy, which is only 12% within 5 years since the cancer was detected or since treatment was first taken.

One of the last things that can be done by people with colon cancer at this stage is to continue to maintain a lifestyle, stop smoking, and drinking alcohol.

The Importance of Early Detection of Colon Cancer

Most colon and rectal cancer patients who come to the hospital have entered stage IV. Meanwhile, only 3.4% of patients who came with the condition are still in stage 0-1. Whereas early detection is the key to reducing cases of colorectal cancer.

Detection of colon and rectal cancer earlier increases the percentage of patients to recover from this disease. This is because cancer has not spread and damaged the surrounding healthy tissues and organs, making it easier for treatment to remove and kill cancer cells.

Performing a colonoscopy can be an option for those of you who are over 50 years old or complaining of colon cancer symptoms. If the doctor suspects the cancer is in the rectum, the doctor will recommend a proctoscopy test, which is the insertion of the proctoscope through the anus.

Through this test, the doctor can determine the location of the cancer and its size. Knowing colon cancer survival rates by stage, you can be more careful and start a healthier lifestyle.

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