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Average Life Expectancy with Colon Cancer

We can learn that there is an average life expectancy with colon cancer. In the medical world, the term five years survival rate is known for cancer patients. Life expectancy will be higher if cancer is detected early.

Therefore it is highly recommended to have regular health checks to determine the condition of your body. Colon cancer is divided into four stages like cancer in general. A study showed that the life expectancy for stage I cancer patients for a period of 5 years was 9%.

For patients with stage II, it is 40 to 60 and gets lower in the advanced stages. Several studies show that the life expectancy of patients with stage IV colon cancer is only 12%. At this stage, a palliative action is an option, namely by maintaining the quality of life even though it cannot completely cure cancer.

Average Life Expectancy with Colon Cancer

Knowing the Average Life Expectancy with Colon Cancer

In the early stages, namely, stage I, colon cancer usually does not show clear symptoms. This is why it is very important for you to have regular screenings to determine the condition of your internal organs.

If detected, it can be treated in the form of surgery to remove cancer without chemotherapy. At this stage, the average life expectancy with colon cancer is still quite high, up to 90%.

Symptoms of cancer are usually just starting to be felt by patients in stage II. Some of the symptoms include sudden abdominal pain, frequent bloating, bloody stools, and others.

In stage II, in addition to surgery, the doctor may suggest chemotherapy after surgery if the cancer cells are known to be at high risk for recurrence. During this period, the life expectancy decreased, which was around 60%.

In some cases, patients with advanced cancer that cannot be completely removed surgically will receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy (chemotherapy given before surgery) which is given along with radiation. It aims to shrink cancer so that it can be removed surgically.

Cancer at stage III means that it has spread to the lymph nodes with a lower life expectancy, especially if it is not treated properly. In stage IV, cancer often spreads to other organs and the average life expectancy with colon cancer is very low which is 12% in 5 years.

At this advanced stage, the treatment that can be done is surgery to remove the part of the colon containing cancer along with the nearby lymph nodes, plus surgery to remove the area where cancer has spread and give chemotherapy after surgery.

How to Prevent Colon Cancer

You must agree with the phrase prevention is better than cure. Preventing colon cancer can indeed be done in a simple way, but in practice, it is not that easy. One of the easiest ways to prevent colon cancer is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. But the fact is not everyone can do it well.

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be started from the selection of foods that you consume daily. It is important to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The content of antioxidants in vegetables and fruit can reduce the risk of cancer.

In addition, you also need to reduce the habit of drinking alcoholic beverages. Cigarette consumption can also increase the risk of developing cancer.

As is well known, an inactive body can also increase the risk of colon cancer. As a millennial generation who are accustomed to working in front of the computer, they can take the time to exercise at least thirty minutes per day to keep the body active.

Seeing the low life expectancy of people with advanced cancer, it is highly recommended that you do regular screening and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Knowing the average life expectancy with colon cancer, it's a good idea to continue to live a healthy life.

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