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8 Early Signs of Colon Cancer You Should Know

There are 8 early signs of colon cancer you should know so you can treat it before it's too late. You should be aware of the early symptoms, including the type of malignant tumor whose signs are often ignored.

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is a malignant disease that attacks the rectum and large intestine (colon). This disease has at least 8 early signs of colon cancer you should know.

Most colon cancer is experienced by the elderly. However, based on its development with the abundance of fast food and an environment that is not as clean as in the past, colon cancer also affects young people.

8 Early Signs of Colon Cancer You Should Know

Common 8 Early Signs of Colon Cancer You Should Know

There are some early signs of colon cancer that need to be known. Here are the signs:

1. Sudden Stomach Pain, Comes and Goes

The emergence of sudden abdominal pain that sometimes comes and then heals, after a few hours the pain again but do not know the cause. Severe stomach pain, it could be a sign of problems in digestion to gallstones.

Check with a doctor if this stomach pain is prolonged and occasionally comes suddenly for no apparent reason. It is very important not to self-diagnose as this is highly discouraged.

2. Stomach Cramps, Bloating, and Pain

In addition to excessive abdominal pain, sometimes you feel stomach cramps like tight muscles, also bloating like empty even though you have eaten, and pain.

Chronic digestive discomfort begins to appear as a sign that something is wrong in the stomach. Do not ignore the small signs, it helps you immediately see a doctor.

3. Changes in Feces Texture

One of 8 early signs of colon cancer you should know is feces that changes in texture. Sometimes your stools are too dense or hard to cause constipation, then sometimes too watery to cause diarrhea.

Feeling after defecating as if it is not relieved that everything has been removed from the inside. As well as a change in the color of the stool that is different from usual.

Also pay attention to the shape of the stool, have you ever experienced an elongated shape like a pencil? Barriers in the large intestine force feces into an elongated shape as they try to pass through. If you feel the shape is strange or stringy, seek medical attention immediately.

4. Acid Reflux

The next symptom of early-stage colon cancer is bleeding anus and blood in the stool. If only a small chance there is small hemorrhoid or a small tear inside which is not too dangerous.

You need to consult immediately when the blood has seen a lot and is dark in color. However, not everyone with colon cancer will experience these symptoms.

5. Constipation for 4 weeks

Have you ever experienced constipation or difficult bowel movements? Maybe everyone has experienced it. But how does it feel when constipation or difficulty defecating for up to 4 weeks.

Starting from the stool which is actually soft, but is held by the tumor at the end of the rectum until the stool becomes hard and difficult to pass.

6. Tenesmus

That is the feeling that you have to have a bowel movement but nothing comes out. You may also feel frequent bowel movements but not completely. When you feel this symptom for weeks, it's a good idea to check with your doctor.

7. Anemia due to frequent blood loss.

This is the result of acid reflux. Frequent bleeding during bowel movements can cause you to lack blood.

8. Nausea and vomiting due to cancer growth blocking the intestine

If it gets worse, then you will experience nausea and vomiting because your intestines are blocked by cancer cells. Immediately make an appointment with a doctor if you experience these symptoms.

To cope with colon cancer, then you need to adopt a healthy life. Reducing junk food and cigarettes can be one way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those 8 early signs of colon cancer you should know can also help you to be more careful.

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