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What is the Treatment of Liver Cancer

We might be curious on what is the treatment of liver cancer given to the patient. It varies depends on the extent of the liver cancer itself as well as the stage of cancer. That’s why a set of tests are conducted previously before doctors decide to give patients the most appropriate medical treatment.

Conducting surgery to remove the cancerous cells can be an effective treatment for some patients, especially those who are still in the early stage. However, it is not suitable for more advanced stages. They need other treatments to either reduce the size or remove the liver cancer from the patient’s body.

What is the Treatment of Liver Cancer

What is the Treatment of Liver Cancer Mostly Conducted?

Along with determining the liver cancer stages, doctors commonly will use other tests to help them plan the most suitable cancer treatment plan. The treatment given to the patients will be different from one another because it suits how serious the condition of the cancer is. 

1. Cryotherapy

Also known as radiofrequency ablation, cryotherapy works by freezing the tumor using radio waves. Doctors use this treatment to treat several cases of liver cancer. It can be conducted in different ways but only to any liver cancer that has a low tolerance to radiation as this treatment includes the use of radio waves.

The radiation helps to shrink the tumor as it reduces symptoms outside the liver or relieves pain in the liver.

2. Liver Tumor Ablation

Ablation therapy includes the process of killing the tumor in the liver rather than removing it. In this treatment, doctors will use a probe containing hot energy to kill tumors. This less invasive approach works well on a small tumor with a size less than 3 cm.

This microwave ablation is usually performed to treat tumors in the liver that cannot be removed with other surgical treatments. A microwave ablation can be administered either using surgical techniques in the operating room or through interventional radiologists.

3. Intra-Arterial Therapy

Most likely, livers tumors obtain blood supply from the arteries that transfer to the liver. Hence, the tumors hinder the blood supply in the body. What is the treatment of liver cancer that suits this condition called chemoembolization? It includes delivering cancer-killing medication into the artery to kill the tumor.

The medications also help to block blood flow into the tumor which prevents the tumor to develop. This intra-arterial therapy is effective in reducing the size of the tumor in the liver, even with or without the combination of chemotherapy.

4. Chemotherapy Advances

In the last decades, chemotherapy has become innovative research advances. By using newer medications, this treatment helps liver cancer patients to live longer even when they only get chemotherapy. It can be conducted to the patients alone or also can be paired with other therapies depends on the patients’ needs.

In numerous cases, chemotherapy can reduce the size of liver tumors so that it comes to the state when the tumor can be removed through surgery.

5. Liver Transplant

Liver transplantation is highly effective to treat patients who suffer from hepatocellular carcinoma, a well-known type of liver cancer. Besides, this treatment is beneficial for other liver diseases such as cirrhosis because it helps to reduce the potentiality of repetition of the next treatment.

However, liver transplantation isn’t recommended for all patients since doctors need to determine through medical tests and evaluation. Before suggesting it, doctors will examine the tumor size, the number of the tumors, and overall patients’ health.

Those procedures are conducted to ensure that patients receive optimal treatment strategies to treat liver cancer.

Deciding what is the treatment of liver cancer requires a sequence of medical tests by doctors. Doing so helps doctors to decide whether patients need surgical or non-surgical liver cancer treatment.

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