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What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate

What is the brain cancer survival rate? This becomes a question that appears in everybody’s mind since this illness is scary and has a lot of heavy risks. Everything is usually started with the tumor and each patient may have a different stage.

The development can be monthly or even yearly based on several factors. That development is for sure will affect the survival rate of the sufferers. Actually, it is affected by some factors internally or even from the outside part of the body.

What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate


The Natural Immune System in a Body

Talking about what is the brain cancer survival rate, you should know that actually, our body has a natural immune system. It is needed to fight and block the growth of the abnormal cells.

That system is usually called the necrosis factor. When a person's endurance is strong enough, the development of the tumor will slow down.

Conversely, if the body's immune is getting weaker, those cells will easily develop and increase in number. That is why; it is important to maintain your daily lifestyle.

Usually, you are also recommended to do a biopsy procedure to know how aggressive the tumor is. The doctor will take a small part of the tissue and check everything about that.

How Biopsy is done

From these results, it will be seen that abnormal cells come from which part of the brain. A biopsy also helps the medical team find out if it's a benign or a malignant one.

Usually, the type of tumor determines the potential of whether it will turn malignant or not. Besides that, it may be severe if it appears again after that solid mass is lifted from your body.

There is a possibility that the mass will grow faster and only in several months. One of the most malignant types is the glioblastoma multiform formed from the astrocyte cells.

What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?

Basically, this illness is not assessed by the level of its severity stage. The tumor which is found in the brain is always considered the dangerous one.

The life expectancy of each sufferer is usually assessed on a scale, which is five years. Five years survival rate is a life expectancy that has been set in common for people with this disease.

That is why; the percentage of life expectancy of the patients is using this five-year benchmark. That is the answer what is the brain cancer survival rate. See also: The Metastatic Brain Cancer Life Expectancy 

However, it doesn’t mean that a sufferer cannot live for more than 5 years. Sometimes it is possible, but the percentage of that hope is not big.

What Affects the Survival Rate Percentage?

The amount of that percentage can depend on some reasons where one of which is the patient’s life quality. That is why; the people who surround him must have great support.

They have to help to increase his life quality to make the percentage is bigger than before. If a sufferer's immune system is declining, there is a possibility that his condition will be worsening.

That is why; what is the brain cancer survival rate just can be helped in its best condition. Besides that rate number, there is also the risk factor that needs to be paid attention to.

An example is the male and females have the same potential to be in that situation. However, based on some researches, the males are riskier to be a sufferer of this illness.

Why Men are More at Risk?

This topic is also important than just knowing what is brain cancer survival rate. In fact, men have the retinoblastoma protein gen which is less active.

For your information, that gen is so beneficial to slow down the abnormal cells and the malignant ones. Older age people are also more at risk for this case.

Everything is related to their immune system and life quality. However, the answer for the what is the brain cancer survival rate is usually in 5 years. source: Survival of treated brain cancer

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