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What is Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rate

What is small cell lung cancer survival rate means? So many people really want to know about that because of several aims that they have.

For your information, this illness can be divided into two different groups. Those are the small cell (SCLC) and the non-small cell (NSCLC) where both of them aren’t the same.

This article, it will be discussed more about the SCLC one, especially its life expectancy. SCLC is an aggressive form of this sickness that usually causes the rapid spread of malignant cells.

It is especially to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. SCLC is usually diagnosed at an advanced stage, with treatment usually determined in the form of chemotherapy.

What is Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rate

What Is Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rate

The stages grouping can be done for this type too, but it is different than the SCLC. Usually, it is grouped with the name of local, regional, and extended.

It is for sure that they have a different life expectancy. The characteristic is also not the same as well and here is the further information.

1. Local

If you want to know What is small cell lung cancer survival rate, make sure to understand its differentiation first. The first one is called local.

It is a condition where the malignant cells are not spreading from the organ. However, the survival rate is usually just 29% in five years time range.

2. Regional

This stage is severer than the local one where the malignant cells have been spreading to the other organs. However, it is just limited to the structure of the lymph nodes around.

That is why; the life expectancy percentage is lower which is only 15 percent. Make sure to always have the continuous consul with the doctors.

3. Extended type

You can say that it is the severest one for the SCLC type. It is because the malignant cells or the abnormal mass has been spreading to the other organs inside a body.

The examples are in the brains, liver, or bones as well. Some people say that it is in the metastatic condition and the life expectancy is just 3%.

The doctors can say that the patients just can survive for about one up to three years long. The treatments done are for reducing the pain and make the life quality is better.

What is Small Cell Lung Cancer Survival Rate: SCLC vs NSCLC

The NSCLC grouping is known as stage 1 – 4 and that is the common case that can be found nowadays. However, how about the comparison for their life expectancy?

It cannot be denied that the NSCLC has a higher percentage which is ranging from 10 – 60% based on the stage. The SCLC is for sure has a lower surviving rate so far.

It is because the malignant cells found in the SCLC case are really aggressive and can spread quickly. The doctors cannot do anything further to cure that.

However, please note one thing. Both of those types will have a higher percentage if the diagnosis can be found as early as possible.

What to do next

Talking about What is small cell lung cancer survival rate is quite scary. However, just remember that having early detection is always better.

Unfortunately, there are only 16% of cases of this illness that can be detected earlier. It is because usually the symptoms and signs will appear many years after that.

It can be a reason why this sickness is considered as the deathly one. There is a bit of advice which all of us can do where having the regular check-up is always better.

Early detection can make the treatments and cure are more effective. So, now you know about What is small cell lung cancer survival rate.

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