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What is the Number One Cause of Lung Cancer

What is the number one cause of lung cancer? It is actually a really interesting question since there are so many rumors and answers out there given by the people.

Talking about the major trigger, smoking is maybe the first thing that appears in your mind. However, there are so many other factors that can cause or have a contribution.

The simple thing is like this; anyone who has a lung has a risk to get this illness. Since there are various factors that can be combined, you need to consider everything.

It needs to note that many sufferers don’t have clear risk factors. However, this illness increases in young women who are not smoking as well.

What is the Number One Cause of Lung Cancer

What is the Number One Cause of Lung Cancer

There are so many general risks that can trigger this sickness. However, it cannot be denied that smoking is a really crucial thing that needs to be aware of.

The risk of someone who smokes being infected is 13-23 times greater than that of a nonsmoker. That is different from the probability of heart patients.

Heart disease patients drop dramatically when a person quits smoking. Meanwhile, the cancer sufferer persists for several years or even decades after a person quits smoking.

There is an interesting fact where the major sufferers right now are not smokers, but ex-smoker. So, it is better to have a healthier lifestyle starting from now.

The Other Causes

What is the number one cause of lung cancer? You have been knowing the answer from the explanation above.

Unfortunately, there are still some other aspects Which cannot be forgotten. Below are those other triggers based on the data so far.

1. Age

Age is also a crucial risk factor for this illness because it becomes more common as someone is getting older. However, it doesn’t mean that the kids or young people are safe.

Several cases show that they are able to be infected as well. However, older people are in a higher chance to be the sufferer.

2. The passive smokers

What is the number one cause of lung cancer? Besides the active ones, passive smokers are also really risky.

Most researches have been found that the smokes from cigarettes increase the risk to get this disease. The percentage is around 20% up to 30%.

In America, It can be found on 7000 cases every year. However, the different research announced in the Journal of National Cancer Institute states the different things.

That big prospective cohort study said that there is not any strong relationship between this illness with the passive smoker. Well, stay away from the smoke is always better.

3. Air pollution

It is related to air pollution which can be found inside or outside the room. The outdoor examples are clear like the vehicle smokes, factory waste, trash, etc.

Meanwhile, indoor air pollution is like the use of Coal to cook something. Sometimes, the smoke from the woof stove is also becoming one of the causes.

Furthermore, the bad ventilation design will make everything is worse. That is why; make sure to make the proper ventilation in every room that you have.

4. Chemical exposure

Exposure to chemicals and substances, like formaldehyde, silica, asbestos, and chromium, is a trigger as well. It is especially when someone combined with the smoking habit.

You can be exposed to these substances indoors, but workplace exposure to these chemicals and substances is considered a significant cause. Make sure to be more careful.

Talking about what is the number one cause of lung cancer, it cannot be separated from radiation. Radiation, X-ray and gamma in the form of radiotherapy, etc are the example.

However, it is just if they are done for a long time in the high dose. Still, What is the number one cause of lung cancer? Smoking is on the first list.

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