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What is The Life Expectancy with Lung Cancer

It is important to know about what is the life expectancy of lung cancer. That always becomes a huge question, not only for the patients but also for their families.

This kind of illness can be found all over the world where people always think that it is deathly. There is a reason for this opinion.

Usually, the symptoms will not appear at the early or first stage. It means that someone will feel the signs after the disease is getting worse and quite hard to cure.

What is The Life Expectancy with Lung Cancer

The Life Expectancy is not Always the Same

The expectancy can be predicted or made by doctors based on several situations. That is a very common thing to do to answer the related question.

For your information, what is the life expectancy with lung cancer is basically depending on the stages of this illness. How big it can affect the patients?

If you compare the malignant cells that grow on the other organs such as the breast, prostate, or colorectal, the lung tumor patients have the lower percentage. It is reasonable.

That is because this organ is so vital where we use it to breathe. The healthiness of this body part is for sure really important.

The Types or Stages

Before going further and talk about what is the life expectancy with lung cancer, it is recommended to understand its types too. It can be divided into two types.

Those are called the non – small cell (NSCLC) and the small cell (SCLC). The NSCLC is the common one that is usually found in several patients.

In more detail, it was found in for about 85% sufferer. Those types are then divided again based on the characteristics into several different stages.

What is the Life Expectancy with Lung Cancer

It depends on the stages grouping by seeing several factors such as the size of the tumor, its spread to the other organs, and so on. This spread is usually known as metastatic.

Knowing the stage is essential because it will be used to decide the right treatments and for sure predicting the percentage of living. That may give a further overview.

It is especially about how long the patient will survive from this illness. Usually, there is a certain time range that is used for this case and 5 years is the most common one.

So, that number is just a general overview and you may not use it as a specific base for the individual case. In other words, that is just a prediction that can be wrong.

Percentage of Living based on the Stages

Talking about what is the life expectancy with lung cancer, let us see the example below. If someone has a percentage of living for 70%, it has a certain meaning.

It can be interpreted that they have the same percentage as those who are not a sufferer for 5 years ahead. For non-small cell, the stage grouping and the percentages are as follow:

1. Stage 1 and 2

It means that the malignant cells are just found in the lung. That is why; the percentage is quite high which is 68 – 92%.

Meanwhile, level 2 means that they ate found in that organ and the lymph nodes around. The percentage is just about 53 – 60 percent because it is quite severe.

2. Stage 3 and 4

The malignant mass is just found at the organs and lymph nodes, especially the chest area. This level 3 only has a 26 - 36% possibility to survive in 5 years.

Meanwhile, stage 4 is the severest one since it has been spreading to both lungs or the other organs. The percentage is really low or just 10%.

However, it can be under 1% if it has experienced metastatic. So that what is the life expectancy with lung cancer based on the medical data.

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