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What Are the Signs of Kidney Cancer?

Are you finding something wrong in the stomach area? Like feeling hurt in your kidney? Do you afraid of getting cancer in your body? Well, you’re just wondering about what are the signs of kidney cancer?

Maybe it will totally be helpful to prevent you from the spread of the tumor. Kidney cancer may seem a little bit difficult to detect at the first stage. Thus, before the tumor grows bigger and spreads wider.

You need to ensure that you already know what signs show the tumors. So, what are the signs of kidney cancer? You just don’t need to worry because below we bring you the explanations about this disease.

What Are the Signs of Kidney Cancer

What Are the Signs of Kidney Cancer?

Generally, the symptoms may seem unclear because the kidney is located deep inside your body. Understanding the warning signs of this disease would be essential for the sufferer. For the first time, you may need to take a medical test to reveals how bad your diseases are.

It involves several medical tests including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that will produce a detailed image by conducting the computer and magnetic assisted process.

This process furthermore will use the bits of help of X-rays by applying ultrasound waves to find out the symptoms. Once the imaging test has been released, you’ll know how cancer grows in that area. From that report, the doctor will give you the right treatment to cure the disease.
Symptoms and Signs of Kidney Cancer

So, have you read about “what are the signs of kidney cancer?” this far? you can dive deeper into these detailed signs to understand how actually the disease looks like:

1. Back Pain

The most common distress that is felt by the sufferer is the back pain that is found in people over 40 years old. The pain that happens to the lower back is medically caused by a musculoskeletal injury. More than 40% of people with RCC report experience this lower back pain.

2. Lump around Abdomen

Though it may seem a little bit unclear in the early stages, another sign of kidney cancer is the spread of a lump around your abdomen that can feel like thickening, bulging bumps, and hard under your skin. More than 45% of sufferers reportedly have an abdominal mass.

3. Fatigue

So, what are the signs of kidney cancer? Another indication that shows the disease is fatigue and anemia. It happens to around 70% to 100% of people with RCC.

The feeling of fatigue that occurs to sufferers of kidney cancer is totally different, it’s not only about lack of sleep or feeling tired. Instead, it is persistent and interferes with your daily activities.

4. Weight Loss

The data shows that about 28 people with RCC have experienced drastic weight loss. As the tumor has widely spread, the loss is happening quickly. It also affects the way you consume the foods like decreasing your appetite that will be the highest contribution to weight loss.

5. Blood in Your Urine

People that suffering from this kind of disease may experience some signs and symptoms. Commonly it comes to different signs like bloody urine or hematuria that appear in more than 40% of the sufferer.

Bloody urine means that it can be seen in several different colors like brownish, pink, or even red that come inconsistently. However, detecting this kind of sign may require further observation called a urinalysis.

As you have known the answer to questions like “what are the signs of kidney cancer?”. It may help you to prevent this disease earlier, or avoiding the tumor before it gets worse and spreading widely into your body.

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