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What are the Signs of Having Lung Cancer

What are the signs of having lung cancer? That becomes a very common question to everyone who feels the symptoms or just wants to stay away from this illness. For your information, this sickness can happen to everyone.

However, it cannot be denied that some people may have higher risk factors. The symptoms of this cancer can be different between one person and another.

It depends on their habit, smoker or not, gender, ages, and many more again. However, there are several common symptoms that may not be denied. So, what are the signs of having lung cancer? Here are the answers.

What are the Signs of Having Lung Cancer


The Persistence Cough

From a trusted source it can be known that the persistent cough is the most common sign. It is found on around 50 percent of lung cancer sufferers when they are diagnosed.

The cough in this case can be dry or even the wet one. For your information, this cough is rarely or often happened continuously throughout the whole day.

Shortness of Breath

Another common symptom of this illness, especially for those who are not a smoker, is the shortness of breath. This situation is maybe appearing even though by doing the light activities.

Some people may think that it is caused by age, obesity, or even less movement. What are the kinds of light activities which are meant here?

Those are like walking up the stairs, doing s3xual activities, or in a humid circumstance. If you felt these feelings, it is recommended to consult and meet the doctor.

Recurrent Infections

So, what are the signs of having lung cancer? One of them is actually the recurrent infections which are happened in someone’s life. It is a common case when someone finally knows that he has lung cancer after being hospitalized because of recurrent bronchitis or pneumonia.

If the tumor is located near the airways, that abnormal mass can block it. Then the mass will make this infection more likely to occur. If you have recurrent chest infections, it's better to talk to your doctor about your choice of a chest CT scan. Having early detection is always better.

What are the Signs of Having Lung Cancer: Bloody Cough

Bloody cough (hemoptysis) is a common symptom of this illness. The blood clots are reported in about one-fifth of the patients and are sometimes appear as the first symptoms.

While coughing up blood may sound like something that's hard to miss, many people may just notice a little blood-colored sputum on the tissues. However, remember something.

This symptom can be so serious quickly. When coughing up produces 2 teaspoons of bloody phlegm, it is a sign of a medical emergency and needs further medical action.

The Chest Pain

Several people describe this sign as lung pain when they do a deep breath. It is a very common symptom, even in the early stage of this kind of cancer. For your information, the lung is an organ that doesn’t have pain vessels.

The pleura and the structures around this organ have vessels tips. That is why; the pain is maybe looked like that organ. Actually, that is a pain that comes from the other parts, but can be felt in that organ too.

The Drastic Weight Loss

What are the signs of having lung cancer? The drastic weight loss accidentally without any diet programs is also a reason that must be aware.

Usually, someone will be lost 5% of his total weight of more than 4.5kg in the period of 6 – 12 months. Based on the data, 35 – 75% of the sufferers report this symptom.

This illness may create several ways such as changing the metabolism and desire to eat. It may answer the question of what are the signs of having lung cancer.

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