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What are the Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

What are the risk factors of lung cancer? This is one of the most important pieces of information so that you can stay away from this deathly illness.

For your information, anyone has the chance to be the sufferer of this sickness. However, several people are known to have more chances to get this problem.

It is called the risk factor where those people should aware of. Besides that, make sure to know the right information because there are so many rumors out there.

What are the Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

Do the Smokers Have a Higher Risk?

It cannot be denied that people always relate this lung tumor with smokers. To know the truth, you must get the information from the right source.

What are the risk factors of lung cancer? The answer is yes that smokers are easier to get involved with this disease, so you know what to do, right?

Most cases of malignant cells are caused by smoking. Smoking is the biggest risk factor because cigarettes contain 60 different toxic substances which can lead the tumor.

These toxic substances are known as carcinogenic which is quite popular among people. That is one of the causes of tumor or malignant cells development.

How Big is that Possibility?

Besides knowing What are the risk factors of lung cancer, you should understand the percentage of possibilities that smokers have. Here is a further comparison and example.

If someone smokes 25 cigarettes a day, it means that he is 25 times having more possibility to get lung cancer. It is especially if you compare it with the non-smokers one.

Consuming other tobacco in different ways, such as cigars or chews, can also cause this kind of illness in various organs. How about someone who likes to smoke weed?

Yes, they also have a big chance to be a sufferer as well as a passive smoker. The research shows that passive smokers have a 25% more chance to be a sufferer.

Exposure to other toxic substances such as arsenic, asbestos, silica, the smell of gas or gasoline, NO gas (the result of vehicles), and so on also increases the possibility as well.

What are the Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

It is the major topic that needs to be discussed further in this case. Smoking can be said to be the main cause so far because of the toxic substances in cigarettes.

The ones who are most at risk of this disease are active smokers. About 85 percent of the sufferers are associated with smoking activities.

Even so, it does not mean every smoker will get this disease. In addition, people who do not smoke are also likely to be a sufferer, although it is lower in number.

What are the risk factors of lung cancer? It is the people who are always sipping the arsenic substance, radiation, air pollution, and the elder age person as well.

The Diagnose of Lung Cancer

To get the best diagnostic, please go to the right doctors. They will decide this illness from the symptoms and also the physical check-up.

However, some other additional tests may be needed to get an effective diagnosis. An example is the spirometry check to know the function of this organ.

It is done by measuring the coming in and out when you are breathing. Taking the blood can be done as well to the side away from the infection possibility.

Some Tests which are Needed

For your information, a radiology procedure may be recommended to diagnose this illness. Everything is usually started by the chest or thorax Rontgen to know some abnormalities.

Some other procedures are available such as the CT scan, PET – CT scan, and more to check the malignant tumor. Know you know What are the risk factors of lung cancer.

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