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What are the Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer?

Most patients with RCC, they may frequently ask “what are the risk factors for kidney cancer?”, and to know the answer, may need deep research. However, anything that increases any chances of getting disease including cancer is called a risk factor, while every cancer may show a different risk factor.

We may agree the common reason that potentially brings a cancer cell over your body is caused by smoking. But it’s not the only reason. On the other hand, some kind of factors such as age, genetics, and others can also be the elements that cause people to get this disease.

To understand it clearly, let's dive deeper into the main reasons that make people get an RRC over their kidney, and below we bring you the explanations.

What are the Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer?

What Are the Risk Factors for Kidney Cancer?

Until today, scientists will agree that these several reasons are things that potentially make tumor spreads into the part of the human body, including the kidney:

1. Smoking

We know that the activity of smoking will potentially increase the risk of Renal Cell Carcinoma. The more you smoke, the more it increases. The risks may drop as people stop smoking but for those who never did it, it may seem better.

2. Obesity

People with obesity are also the most potential ones who can get kidney cancer. It’s because obesity will change some of the hormones in your body that possibly lead you to get cancer.

3. Gender

Renal Cell Carcinoma will also attack certain genders. Male however are potentially experiencing RCC twice higher than females. It’s caused by the smoking habit that is mostly found in males, rather than females.

4. Family History

The other reason why people get this disease is that they have a family history with RCC. The risks that come to people with a family with a history of RCC are increasing higher than those who have not. Not only the genes, but the environment is also affecting.

5. Exposure of the Workplace

Workplace exposure can be the other main reason for RCC attacks. It’s because the workplace exposure gives the effect of Trichloroethylene, which also increases the risk of RCC.

6. High Blood Pressure

So, what are the risk factors for kidney cancer? The other reason is that people with tumors have high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure reportedly have a higher risk of getting a tumor in this certain area of their body.

Unfortunately, even though people have taken any medicine to keep their blood pressure stable, it doesn’t even lower someone's risks.

Another Risks Factor: The Genetic Conditions

However, there is also a condition that can be the alternative answer from the question of “what are the risk factors for kidney cancer?”, and it’s called the genetic condition:

1. Succinate Dehydrogenase (SDH) Complex Syndrome

SDH itself is a grouping in cancer syndromes that are related to tumors. Tumors are usually called pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma, where kidney cancer is associated with this syndrome.

2. HereditaryLeiomyomatosis (HLRCC)

Another variety is an HLRCC that is associated with the increase of kidney cancer about 26% in people. It looks like skin nodules that are mostly found on several areas of the body such as the back, chest, or legs which begin from uterine fibroids that lead a tumor to grow.

3. Hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma (HPRCC)

Even though it may seem rare, HPRCC can also be the reason why people get higher risk or RCC. When people have an HPRCC, it will possibly bring tumor to not only one kidney, but also both of theirs.

As you’re trying to find out any simple explanation for the answer to your question “what are the risk factors for kidney cancer?” the review we cover up above may help you to see the picture.

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