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What Are the Main Causes of Liver Cancer?

Liver cancer occurs when there are changes or mutations in their DNA. However, what are the main causes of liver cancer may vary and it can be different from one person to another. In some people, the cause can be apparent early while others are left undetected until an exam is conducted.

DNA in the cell is a material that gives instructions to each chemical process in the body. If mutations happen, there will be changes in the instructions sent by the DNA. Then, this condition affects the growth of the cells which become out of control and lead to the formation of a tumor, cancerous cells.

What Are the Main Causes of Liver Cancer

What Are the Main Causes of Liver Cancer?

The causes of liver cancer can be known or unknown. Knowing the causes of liver cancer from the beginning helps doctors to decide the right treatment to deal with it. However, the unknown causes often make cancer undetected in the early stage until it develops into a more advanced stage.

1. Damaged Liver Due to Some Factors

The main type of liver cancer called hepatocellular carcinoma is vulnerable to happen in the livers that are damaged due to a variety of factors. Some perhaps are caused by the original birth defects so that this person has a risk to suffer from liver cancer since birth.

Some others are affected by bad habits such as alcohol abuse. There are also numerous cases where those who develop liver cancer whose livers are damaged by chronic infections that come from diseases like hepatitis B and hepatitis C, cirrhosis, and hemochromatosis.

Over half of people diagnosed with the main type of cancer have cirrhosis. Besides cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C lead to permanent changes in the liver and liver failure. Liver cancer is also associated with obesity as well as fatty liver disease.

2. Cancer-causing Substances Intake

Cancer-causing substances are also known to be what are the main causes of liver cancer. Various substances can cause cancer including liver cancer when they enter the human body. Herbicides and several chemicals including arsenic and vinyl chloride belong to these kinds of substances.

Aflatoxins which are formed by plant-based mold associate with the causes of liver cancer as well. These substances often contaminate rice, corn, wheat, soybeans, and peanuts. These contaminated foods when consumed by a human can trigger the development of liver cancer in their body.

Other causes of liver cancer related to substances are the productions of androgen and estrogen hormones as well as a dye that was previously utilized in medical tests, namely thorotrast.

3. Higher Risk Factors

Along with that common causes, there are a number of risk factors that raise the chance for people to develop liver cancer. Although having one or more risk factors doesn’t merely prove that someone can get liver cancer, it helps people to be more aware of this disease and start to go for a healthier lifestyle.

Even those who don’t have risk factors can suffer from this cancer. However, there are several risk factors that are known to lead the causes of liver cancer. For example, gender belongs to this risk factor because men are more likely to experience primary liver cancer hepatocellular carcinoma rather than women.

Weight also becomes another risk factor that contributes to the development of liver cancer. Those who are in obesity is more potential to develop liver cancer than those who don’t. Hence, maintaining the weight remains ideal or under control helps people a lot in preventing liver cancer.

Knowing what are the main causes of liver cancer is a little bit difficult as sometimes it can be obvious and unobvious. However, it helps people to be more deterrent about their health and do some preventions to avoid this cancer.

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