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What Are the Early Symptoms of Liver Cancer

What Are the Early Symptoms of Liver Cancer - The symptoms of liver cancer might be apparent for some people but in some others, the symptoms are not too specific. It is because the symptoms are similar to the symptoms caused by other diseases. That’s why it’s important to know what are the early symptoms of liver cancer that you don’t find it too late.

Complications might indicate the development of liver cancer in the body as some people with this cancer experience anemia or bleeding. There is still no screening test, so the key to detecting this cancer in its early stage is by being aware of your health condition.

What Are the Early Symptoms of Liver Cancer

What Are the Early Symptoms of Liver Cancer to Notice?

Similar to other types of cancer, liver cancer also shows few symptoms in its early stage. Frequent symptoms that appear make it easier to recognize the development of this cancer in their organ. However, sometimes rare symptoms need to be aware as well.

1. Frequent Symptoms

The frequent symptoms often appear when the liver cancer progress so it is commonly detected when it already reaches a higher stage.

a. An Abdominal Mass

Many people can feel a mass in the area beneath their rib cage on the right side of the body. Most of them don’t cause painful feeling but if do, they may experience any discomfort on the area near the mass.

b. Abdominal Pain

While some people may not feel it, others probably experience a painful feeling or aching on the right side of the tummy just below the ribs. It happens the tumor starts to affect the other structures or nerves in that area.

c. Jaundice

Since the liver is affected by cancer it causes the build-up of bile salts. This condition makes some parts of the body turn yellow such as the skin and the white part of the eyes.

d. Itching

Besides jaundice, the build-up of bile salts also results in itching. People often neglect this condition but if itching is linked to liver dysfunction, it can be very extreme.

e. Bloating

Talking about what are the early symptoms of liver cancer, the next frequent one is bloating. It happens due to the fluid build-up in the abdomen. It can push the lungs too that results in short of breath.

f. Significant Change of Weight

Any significant weight loss that isn’t associated with diet or exercise can be a symptom of liver cancer. Besides, rapid weight gain is also another potential symptom of this cancer.

g. Loss of Appetite

Although loss of appetite is common to numerous disorders, it can be quite apparent for liver dysfunction. This may be followed by a quick full feeling, even after consuming a small portion of meals.

h. Unexplained Fatigue

Fatigue is also common for many health problems. However, cancer-linked fatigue brings things to another level. Fatigue that appears to be a symptom of cancer cannot be treated by having a better quality of sleep because people still often experience it even after having a good night's sleep.

Hence, you need to look back at least for about six to twelve months and compare your recent energy and when yours at that time.

2. Rare Symptoms

Some liver cancer sufferers produce hormones that trigger the appearance of additional symptoms. Hence, this condition causes low blood sugar which leads to fainting as well as lightheadedness in several people, especially if they don’t have meals for a while.

Other rare symptoms that may appear due to the development of liver cancer are breast enlargement and high red blood cell count.

Understanding what are the early symptoms of liver cancer is beneficial to recognize the development of this cancer in the body. Doing so helps the doctor to determine the cancer stage and appropriate medical treatment.

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