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What Are the Causes for Cervical Cancer

The first question asked by people who are touched by cervical cancer usually is what are the causes for cervical cancer? Causes or risk factors are anything that can increase the chance of a woman developing cervical cancer.

Even though the risk factors can influence cervical cancer development, most factors don’t cause cancer directly. You need to know the risk factors of your own and then talk about those risk factors with your doctor. This can help you make healthcare decisions and a much healthier lifestyle. Read also: Cervical Cancer Survival Rate by Stage

What Are the Causes for Cervical Cancer

What Are the Causes for Cervical Cancer?

What people know today is that HPV is the only thing that can cause cervical cancer. Actually, there are many other risk factors that may develop the growth of cervical cancer. Below is everything that can cause the growth and development of cervical cancer in a woman’s body. Read also: Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy

1. HPV or human papillomavirus infection

Actually, HPV is a common thing. Many people can be infected with this virus when those people become more s3xually active. Many of them can clear this virus with no problem at all. About a hundred HPV types have been found, but not the entire of them can cause cervical cancer.

The strains or types of HPV that are famous and most associated especially with cervical cancer include HPV18 and HOV16. Girls who start having s3x at an earlier age and women who have different s3xual partners are the riskiest people to be infected with HPV.

2. Immune system deficiency

Women who have lowered immune systems can develop cervical cancer. This condition usually is caused by immune suppression as the effect of organ transplantation, corticosteroid medications, treatments for the other cancer types, or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).

The virus that causes AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome will make women’s immune systems unable or less able in fighting off early cervical cancer. What are the causes for cervical cancer that women also need to care about?

3. Exposure to diethylstilbestrol

Diethylstilbestrol or DES usually is given to mothers during the pregnancy, in order to prevent any miscarriage. Unfortunately, the drug affects the baby girl. A baby girl may be born and develop the rare cervical cancer type.

4. Or@l contraceptives

Several research studies show that some or@l contraceptives, such as pills to control birth, can be associated with cervical cancer’s increased risk. This contraceptive type is also associated with s3xual behavior that has a higher risk.

But more research studies are needed in order to understand how the or@l contraceptive can be used the connection between or@l contraceptives and cervical cancer development.

5. Socioeconomic factors

Most cases of cervical cancer happen in women groups who have less access to cervical cancer screening. Those women include American Indian women, Hispanic women, Black women, and also women from households with low income.

6. Age

Usually, women at the age of 20 or younger don’t develop this cervical cancer. But the risk will go up between the 20s and middle 30s. Women who pass the age group still have the risk of developing cervical cancer. Regular screenings are necessary to make sure you are still free from cervical cancer.

The regular screenings can include HPV tests and/or a pap smear or pap test. By doing regular screenings, cervical cancer in the early stage can be noticed earlier and your survival rate during the first five years will increase.

7. The other risk factors

What are the causes for cervical cancer that people don’t expect? Herpes and smoking. If you don’t want to let cervical cancer grow, stop your smoking habit and move to a much healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle can prevent not only cervical cancer but also other deathly diseases.

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