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The Stages of Brain Cancer

Besides the symptoms, knowing the stages of brain cancer is also important. It becomes one of the doctor’s considerations to decide the right treatment for the sufferer.

The stages show the tumor or cancer development and usually, they are divided into 4 different levels. Those are known as stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 with different characteristics.

The doctor needs the right to diagnose everything to decide the level. For your information, here are the complete description of those stages and the system. Read also: What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?

The Stages of Brain Cancer

The System of Division

Most of the stages in many types of cancers are decided based on the solid mass growth location. Besides that, it is also affected by some other aspects or factors. Read also: What is The Life Expectancy of Metastatic Brain Cancer?

Those are the tumor’s size, the involvement of lymph nodes, as well as the spread to other organs in the body, etc. How about the stages of brain cancer itself?

Basically, it is the same, but it is determined by how aggressively tumor cells are seen under a microscope as well. Based on the Cancer Treatment Centers of America statement, there is one thing.

The doctors may see the growth and development of the tumor cell in the brain. They will see the characteristic of that cell and how far it affects the function of that organ.

The Stages of Brain Cancer: 1 – 4

Besides the diagnose done above, the doctors may complete the assessment by considering the age and symptoms. After that, they will decide the right treatments and cure to have.

Talking about the stages, brain cancer has 4 different stages based on the severity level. Below are the complete lists of those levels.

1. Stage 1

This Stage 1 or I brain tumor disease is included in the early stages, with characteristics or signs. Those are the tumor cells that grow and develop slowly in the organ.

In addition to being benign, these cells also look identical to the healthy ones when examined under a microscope. The condition at this level is very rarely able to spread to other nearby tissues.

Usually, the sufferers don’t feel any symptoms several times, so the treatments are not needed. However, some other patients may feel it and the cure is needed such as an operation.

2. Stage 2

One of the stages of brain cancer is level 2. Several characteristics that of this level are like the slowly developed tumor cell, but it may be spread to the nearest tissue.

It can be the tumor cell that is back again after the treatments are done. Usually, these treatments have a higher level and there is one more thing again.

This cell is looked like abnormal when it is seen under the microscope. The symptoms are varied depends on the mass or the brain tissue which is affected.

Meanwhile, the main cure which is recommended is the operation procedure. However, the doctors may suggest further treatment as well such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.

3. Stage 3

It is quite different from the stages of brain cancer explained above. This level is grouped as the severe or malignant one, so that you may call it cancer.

Some characteristics to know are the cells that grow really fast, spread to the nearest tissues, and can appear again although someone has been treated with some treatments.

When it is seen under the microscope, this mass is abnormal and really different than the normal cells. Just like the others, this level may come with some varied symptoms.

4. Stage 4

It is the last or the severest stage that this illness has. Several signs that it has been like the really quick tumor cell growth, easy to spread, and actively produced the abnormal cells.

The tumor is looked really different under the microscope. This one of the stages of brain cancer also creates new veins to maintain its growth and has the tissue area as well.

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