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Survival Rate of Kidney Cancer Patients

As we know that kidney cancer is a deadly disease, understanding the survival rate of kidney cancer patients is really understanding. Kidneys however are one of the body parts which are located on the lower side of the abdomen that each person has.

When it comes to the function, not only discharging the urine, this part of the body helps purify blood for producing nutrients. Thus, when it acts abnormally, it could be a sign of having problems with this organ.

Our kidney however is a confined organ, so once someone is diagnosed with cancer, it’s important to take an earlier detection as less metastasis hasn't spread nearby.

Another important thing that is as essential as to do is getting to know about the survival rate of kidney cancer patients, and below we bring the explanations.

Survival Rate of Kidney Cancer Patients


The Causes of Kidney Cancer

Like many other signs that indicate someone got the disease, the causes of kidney cancer may look similar. Here is the risks factor of someone who potentially got this disease:

1. Actively smoking

2. Gender brings big risks like men reportedly get twice higher of risks factor to this disease than women

3. Extra weight or commonly called obesity can possibly increase the risk of tumor-spread due to hormonal changes on the human body

4. Long-term medications for some of the pain

5. Being on long-term dialysis

6. Certain genetic conditions of the person

7. Genetic factor-like family history with RCC

8. Consuming of some kind chemicals like benzene, asbestos, organic solvents, asbestos, or certain herbicides

9. High blood pressure in someone

How Kidney Cancer Presents on The Body

Furthermore, people with these signs should be aware and begin to consider the survival rate of kidney cancer patients:

1. Having a bloody urine

2. Decreasing of appetite

3. An Anemia

4. Feeling pain inside

5. Swell in the legs or ankles

6. Experiencing the drastic weight loss for unknown factors

7. Got fever but not affected by the cold or any other infection

8. Feeling fatigued all the time

What Is The Survival Rate of Kidney Cancer Patients?

After understanding the signs of this disease, now let’s move to the other part of the explanation. People diagnosed with RCC should understand the rate of survival they have. This term depends on which stage of the cancer cell is identified.

When it comes to the rate of prognosis, it includes several elements such as Tumour (T), Metastasis (M) or medically called spread, and the lymph nodes (N). The higher the number of T, N, M shows, the higher possibility of cancer spread and advance.

People with this disease may have to take surgery to know about the T, N, and M. Once the number is known, the information furthermore then combined to complete the stage grouping process, before finding an overall stage.

Others Factors that Affect Survival Rates

Besides those factors we have explained before, there is others factor that is also affecting, including:

1. Feel hard to do any activity each single day

2. High level of blood lactate dehydrogenase

3. High level of blood calcium

4. Anemia

5. Spread of Cancer that distantly advancing in more than 2 places

When people also get the existence factors as we explained above, it will give a worse impact on the prognosis and then affect the survival rate of kidney cancer patients as well. The rate of survival is commonly around 5 years once the person is diagnosed.

The 5-Year Relative Survival Rates

Now we come to the part that explains what 5-year relative survival rates are. This term, especially for kidney cancer is compared to the overall population of the same age, and the number shows:

1. At the level of “Localized”, the prognosis is around 93%

2. When it comes to the “Regional” stage, the prognosis is around 69%

3. The “Distant” level giving a rate to survive around 12%

4. When all stages are combined, the rate is around 75%

The growth of the proportion of the cell around the kidney also indicates this disease, as it will form a tumor in the future. For that reason, it’s essential for those who get this disease to know about the survival rate of kidney cancer patients.

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