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Kidney Cancer Stages and Grades

Treatment would be given to patients with RCC as much as the doctors know the kidney cancer stages and grades. Understanding how bad the tumor spreads will help them to determine the proper treatment.

Meanwhile, the process of assessing the cancer progression is called staging and grading. Information that is collected from the entire tests and scans will be used to be the indicator of giving diagnosis and set the stage and grade of this disease.

Not only determines how bad the cancer is, kidney cancer stages and grades are also used to find the best treatment for the patients. However, if you want to know how the tumor is staged and graded, below we bring you the explanation.

Kidney Cancer Stages and Grades

The Staging Systems

When it comes to staging systems, most medics will use the TNM. TNM is the process that considers Tumor (T), Nodes (N), and Metastases (M). let’s take a look into the affected nodes and how the cell spreads to other parts of your body is the basic elements of TNM tests, and here are the details:

1. T refers to Tumor

In T categories, it covers several types of cancer depending on each size, such as T1, T3, and T4. T1 level means the cancer is spreading only inside the kidney with the size not bigger than 7 cm. T1 further is divided into two categories, T1a which covers 4cm of cancer, and T1b which covers the cell tat bigger than 4 cm, and so on for other types.

2. N refers to Nodes

Kidney cancer stages and grades in the N category begin from N0 which means there is no cell of cancer in the lymph nodes. Once it’s found the cell, the doctor would put the N1 categories and say that the nodes are positive.

3. M refers to Metastasis

It starts from M0 where the tumor doesn’t spread to the other part of your body including this vital organ. When it turns into M1, it means that the cell has spread into any other part of your body, including the kidney, brain, liver, bones, and lungs. This condition is also called Metastasis.

Kidney Cancer Staging and Grading

After we’re understanding how the staging system of kidney cancer stages and grades work, now let’s move to the classification of a number of stages:

1. Stage 1

In the first stage, the cell is just growing around 7cm or even smaller. And further, in this stage, the cell has not yet spread into the nodes and any other organs.

2. Stage 2

So, what other kidney cancer stages and grades? There is the second stage on this entire number. In the second stage, the cell goes bigger up to 7cm but still has not spread into any other organs like lymph.

3. Stage 3

Stage 3 shows the tumor has spread into the fat around that vital organ. It also covers the entire side of veins (the vena cava or renal vein) that is close to this part of the organ, but still, it has not grown into the capsule that covers the vital part.

4. Stage 4

In this stage, cancer has spread widely into the area of the kidney. The tumor has covered the entire area of the organ such as lymph nodes and not further away into the areas around this vital organ. Doctors will find any size of the tumor that has grown over the capsule of that organ.

Once a doctor diagnoses someone with the RCC, they will try to take further treatment to prevent the spread of the tumor. But first, they need to understand the kidney cancer stages and grades over this someone’s vital organ.

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