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How to Diagnosis Liver Cancer

The majority of liver cancers are determined since they lead to some symptoms appearance. Testing can also be used to determine liver cancer in people without any symptoms. There are various tests that doctors can on how to diagnosis liver cancer.

Having a thorough and precise liver cancer diagnosis becomes a beginning and important step which is very useful for doctors to make a liver cancer treatment plan. The individualized treatment plan will be made based on a sequence of tests and an evaluation of the disease.

How to Diagnosis Liver Cancer

Types of Test on How to Diagnosis Liver Cancer

Several tests are conducted by doctors to diagnose liver cancer. These tests are important for doctors to track the extent of the tumor and plan what types of medical treatments that most suit the cancer stage. Several tests mainly used to diagnose liver cancer consist of:

1. Physical Exam

Before beginning the physical exam, doctors commonly will ask patients to read their medical history. It is to determine whether the patient has related symptoms and potential risk factors of liver cancer. Then, through the physical exam, doctors will look at the signs of liver cancer on patients’ bodies.

Perhaps, the doctors will examine the patient’s abdomen as well as checking the skin condition. People who develop liver cancer experience changing colors into several parts of their body such as skin and eyes. Hence, the whites of the eyes will be checked as well to know if jaundice occurs.

2. Imaging Tests

Imaging tests to determine liver cancer might vary. Some doctors use x-rays while others do with magnetic fields. Sound waves are also used to capture pictures of what is inside patients’ bodies. Imaging tests are conducted for several reasons either or after diagnosing live cancer.

For instance, it helps find out how far cancer has spread in the patient's body and determine which medical treatment works for the patient.

3. Ultrasound

Ultrasound commonly becomes the first test to administer to know the liver condition. It captures the image of the organ on a computer screen using sound waves. It shows the growth of tumors in the liver which then can be examined for cancer of required.

4. Computed Tomography (CT)

CT scan refers to an x-ray test that produces detailed image of the body. To determine the types of liver tumors, a CT scan is conducted on the abdomen. It includes information about the size, how it looks like, and the location of the tumor in the liver.

Besides helps doctors on how to diagnosis liver cancer, CT scan is also beneficial to guide a biopsy needle to reach precisely a suspected tumor grown in the liver. If you are diagnosed to have liver cancer, CT scan on the chest is often administered to know if cancer has spread to the lungs.

5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI also gives a more detailed image of the soft tissues in patient’s body. However, rather than using x-rays, MRI works with radio waves and powerful magnets. MRI test is very beneficial to detect liver cancer because it often can determine a mild tumor from the malignant type as well as its spread to other parts of the body.

6. Biopsy

Biopsy includes the removal of a sample of tissue to determine if it is cancer. Biopsy can be the only way used by doctors to detect liver cancer and examine the result in the pathology lab. However, in several cases, biopsy is supported by other tests such as CT scan or MRI to determine the existence of liver cancer.

Those are typical tests often conducted on how to diagnosis liver cancer. Each doctor might have a different way of using the test but all of them are beneficial to plan the best medical treatment.

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