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How to Diagnose Lung Cancer Early

How to diagnose lung cancer early? That information needs to be known so that people can get better and more effective therapies to cure this illness.

It is a condition where malignant and abnormal cells are formed inside that breathing organ. For your information, smokers are the people with a higher risk to have this disease.

However, it can also happen to anyone who is not a smoker or you can say it as a passive smoker. Knowing the early detection is always better to cure it totally.

Unfortunately, this illness will not show any symptoms and signs in its early stage. That is why; the sufferers may not aware that they have this health condition in their life.

How to Diagnose Lung Cancer Early

Knowing about the Symptoms First

Before discussing how to diagnose lung cancer early, it is better for you to understand the symptoms. Just like the information above, they will appear when the tumor is bigger.

It means that a sufferer is in the higher stage where the malignant cells have been spreading and bigger in size. They spread to the other tissues or organs inside your body.

In that case, usually, this sickness will show several typical signs. Examples are chronic and bloody cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, sudden weight loss, etc.

If you felt those symptoms and quite disturbing your activities, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible. He may do an interview and some checks to ensure everything

How to Diagnose Lung Cancer Early?

That is the point which we need to discuss. Early detection is always better because it has more chance to save a life and give the most effective treatments.

When someone comes with the symptoms above, the doctors may do some checks, especially in his breathing tunnel. The doctors will hear your breath through the stethoscope.

After that, they may recommend some additional check-up procedures. Below are those procedures in order to make the right diagnose.

1. The Chest or Thorax Rontgen

In order to know how to diagnose lung cancer early, the chest or thorax Rontgen is one of the procedures. It is effective to detect the locations and abnormal conditions there.

An example is if the solid mass or the growth of the abnormal cells. Basically, this procedure can be done to know the size, overall conditions of the organ, and many more again.

2. MRI or CT Scan

This method is also the popular one. Usually, the doctor recommends it to know the size and the location of your tumor in a more detailed way.

It is good to decide how severe the cancer is and at what stage your condition can be included. Furthermore, this procedure is also done for another aim.

It is to know about the condition of the tissues which are located around the lung. So far, MRI or CT scan is quite good to show the overall condition clearly.

3. Biopsy

This step is also important in order to know how to diagnose lung cancer early. This method is done by taking Lung tissue sampling to detect the type of tumor that occurs.

A biopsy may also use a sample of enlarged lymph node tissue. The biopsy will be done by a pulmonary doctor with the help of endoscopy by using a small tube camera.

Then, it is inserted in to the respiratory tract so that the doctor can see the real-time situation there. This procedure is called bronchoscopy.

In addition, a biopsy can also be done with a fine needle that is pierced through the chest wall. The patients may be drugged for a while to make them more comfortable.

4. PET Scan

After the tests above, some other checks can be added with the PET scan. This method makes the doctors know about the type and stages of malignant tumors.

From that information, they are able to decide which medicines and treatments are the best. It is a great way in how to diagnose lung cancer early.

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