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How Many Stages of Lung Cancer

Most people always want to know about how many stages of lung cancer are. After being diagnosed with this illness, usually, the doctors will tell how far the stage is.

The higher level means the severer condition as well which may needs certain therapies and medicines. That information will also tell you about the further situation.

The examples are the location, size, and the spread of the malignant cells. So, here are the levels that are usually used to identify this disease.

How Many Stages of Lung Cancer

How Many Stages of Lung Cancer

Based on the data, there are 5 levels that can be known. Those are the 0, 1, 2, 3,4, but then some levels can be divided again which you may get more detailed information.

That grouping is based on several things such as the types of the cells, locations, the spreads, size, and many more. The doctors will explain it and the therapies needed as well.

1. Stage 0

At this stage, the tumor is found only in the outermost layer of the cell that protects the respiratory path. However, the tumor does not affect any other tissue of the organ (Tis).

Besides that, the malignant cell also still does not spread to the lymph nodes (N0) or in other parts of the body (M0). It is the earlier one and has more chance to be recovered totally.

2. Stage 1

If you are asking about how many stages of lung cancer, this level is for sure included. Actually, it can be divided again into several groups such as 1A1, 1A2, 1A3, and 1B.

Size is a matter thing for this case like the 3cm mass is grouped into the 1A1. Meanwhile, the 1B means that the abnormal cells have been reaching more than 3cm and can be found in other membranes.

Basically, each grouping has its own characteristic where the doctors may explain everything to the patient. Those are like the therapies, life expectancy, overall condition, etc.

3. Stage 2

It can be divided into two different types as well such as the 2A and 2B. In 2A, the tumor is already more than 4 cm in size and less than 5 cm. Usually, it has spread to the bronchi.

That also spread to the membranes that surround the lungs. This mass usually also has the clogged part of the airways in that organ. How about the 2B?

The size of that type is more than 3cm, but less than 5cm. However, the malignant cells have been spreading up to the lymph nodes although it doesn’t reach the other organs yet.

4. Stage 3

This one is included in the topic of how many stages of lung cancer. Just like the other, it must be divided into three different groups as well.

The severest one is the 3B. In this type, the size of the tumor is more than 7 cm and has reached other parts of the body such as the lungs, heart, trachea, and many more.

This cancer has also spread to the lymph nodes or spaces in the organ (N2). Even so, the malignant cell has not spread to other organs of the body.

5. Stage 4

Usually, on this type, the size of a tumor is uncertain. Furthermore, the malignant cells may be not spreading to the lymph nodes, but in the other organs of the body.

The examples are like in the liver, brain, breast, and many more again. You can say it is the severest type among all and the therapies are done are for making the sufferer’s life quality is better.

Try to have a healthier lifestyle when you want to stay away from this illness. So, the how many stages of lung cancer information above may be helped you.

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