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Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy

Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy - According to the data collected by the ACS or American Cancer Society, there will be 14,000 more people who will figure out that they suffer from cervical cancer. This makes people think about the cervical cancer life expectancy and how those patients can survive from this disease.

Cervical cancer can kill women but this disease is curable. The survival rates of this cancer type are high as long as the patients are diagnosed early and also treated early. In the past years, the survival rates of this cancer were lower than today. But technology has already changed it. Read also: Cervical Cancer Survival Rate by Stage

Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy


Everything About the Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy

The life expectancy or survival rate is measured in percentages. The percentages will tell you about how likely it is that some women who are diagnosed at the same cancer stage and have the same cancer type will survive in the first 5 years from the first diagnosis.

ACS stated that the researchers base the survival rates of cervical cancer patients on the statistics from the NCI or National Cancer Institute. The NCI will track the diagnoses of cancer as well as the survival rates of that cancer every year.

The NCI will group cancer according to the metastasizing of cancer at the diagnosis time, for example:
  • Distant
    This is the category when cervical cancer which first grows in the patient’s cervix has already metastasized to some other organs, areas, and bones of the patient’s body.
  • Regional
    This is another category when cervical cancer has already spread beyond the patient’s uterus and cervix into the lymph nodes around those areas.
  • Localized
    Then there is another category that is used when the cervical cancer cells have been figured out in the uterus and cervix but those cells have not been found in the surrounding tissue.

Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy for the First 5 Years

Based on the groups mentioned before, there are 3 different cervical cancer life expectancies. The 5 years life expectancy you are about to see below is based on patients who were diagnosed with cervical cancer from 2010 to 2016. Life expectancy can rise if the cancer is detected earlier.

The SEER Stage

The 5 Years Life Expectancy

Localized cervical cancer


Regional cervical cancer


Distant cervical cancer


All the SEER Stages above combined together


SEER means the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and also End Results. You need to understand the numbers above in order to understand the life expectancy of cervical cancer patients. Relative rates will compare the cancer patients’ survival rates and the survival rates of people with no cervical cancer.

  • Women that are diagnosed with cervical cancer today can have a much better outlook compared to the numbers shown above. Over time, the treatments for this cancer are improved and the numbers above are based on patients who were treated 5 years earlier or more.

  • The numbers you see above only apply to the cervical cancer stage when the cancer is first diagnosed. Those numbers won’t be applied later on if cervical cancer spreads, grows, or even comes back after the patients got treatment.

  • Those numbers above don’t take anything into account. The life expectancy is grouped based on cancer cells that have already spread. But the patient’s overall health, age, and how well the treatment affects the cancer are the factors that must affect the patients’ outlook.

Every patient has a different condition, overall health, and treatments. Each patient must talk to the doctor about the cervical cancer life expectancy and the prognosis she has. The doctor is going to provide all details about the prognosis, best treatments, and anything else the patients want to know.

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