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Brain Cancer Treatment Options

It is known that the brain cancer treatment options are varied. Each of them is made to minimize the symptoms or even to cure them totally. This illness is a situation when the cells in that organ have too much growth.

This situation then forms a mass which is called a tumor that is malignant and grows so fast. They will disturb the body's performance and the worse thing is that it can make someone die. However, this illness is actually something which is rarely happened.

Based on the American Cancer Society, someone has less than 1 percent to develop a malignant brain tumor. However, here are some treatments that are now available. Read also: What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?

Brain Cancer Treatment Options

Brain Cancer Treatment Options: Surgery

Surgery is the most common treatment for treating this health condition. Sometimes, only a portion of the tumor can be removed because of the location of that abnormal mass. Read also: What is The Life Expectancy of Metastatic Brain Cancer?

The difficult location does not allow it to be removed in its entirety. In some cases, the tumor may be located in a sensitive or inaccessible area of the brain.

That is why; the surgery to remove it cannot be performed because it is too risky. As a result, this type of tumor can not be overcome by surgery and must use other ways.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

It is also the most common brain cancer treatment option to have right now. People with this illness may be given chemotherapy drugs to destroy the harmful cells.

Furthermore, it can shrink the size of the tumor as well. For your information, these Chemotherapy drugs may be given orally or intravenously based on a doctor’s recommendations.

Meanwhile, Radiation therapy may also be recommended to destroy the tumor tissue or abnormal cells that cannot be removed surgically. This procedure is done with the high wave.

An example is an X-Ray. Sometimes, the patients or sufferers may get both of these treatments at the same time based on the severeness that they have.

The Biologic Drugs

This one of the brain cancer treatment options can be also recommended by doctors. Your doctor may prescribe these biological drugs to get and create certain conditions.

An example is to direct, restore or improve the body's natural resistance to this disease. For example, taking the drug bevacizumab which can stop the growth of blood vessels.

Those are the special vessels that can supply the tumors. It is hoped that its growth can be stopped effectively and make the patients are healthier.

Clinical Test and Rehabilitation

These brain cancer treatment options are given when there are not any good responses after getting the cure above. Actually, it is a treatment that is still in the testing stage.

Besides that, People with this disease may need to undergo rehabilitation if cancer has caused damage to the organ. It is also if it has been affected a person's ability.

The examples are the ability to speak, walk, or perform other normal functions. Rehabilitation includes physical, occupational, and other therapies that can help people relearn their daily activities

The Alternative Therapy

Some sufferers are attracted to try these brain cancer treatment options. Unfortunately, there are not many scientific studies that support the use of alternative therapies so far.

However, your doctor may recommend combining these alternative ways or make lifestyle changes with the conventional treatments. An example is like having a healthy diet program.

The patients may take the multivitamin supplement and minerals to replace the nutrition which has been lost because of the healing program.

The Acupuncture

They may also recommend acupuncture and certain herbal plants. However, people with this disease should talk to a doctor first before taking the herbal medicine.

It is because some types of traditional medicine can interfere with the treatment given medically. That is to make sure the effectiveness of the brain cancer treatment options.

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