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Brain Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Knowing the brain cancer symptoms and signs is important. It is not only for those who are diagnosed with that illness but also for the whole people in this world.

Some characteristics can be similar to other illnesses. For your information, the signs of the tumor depend on the type, location, and growing level (stage).

For anticipating everything, make sure to understand the complete information about it. The brain itself is an organ that has an essential role to maintain various different systems inside our body.

In the other words, you can say that it has crucial functions and roles. Below is the information about it, brain cancer symptoms, and signs. So, check this out. Read also: What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?

Brain Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Knowing about the Function

The functions of the brain are to maintain body movements, temperatures, and hormone productions. Furthermore, this organ also handles emotion, intelligence, and memory.

This organ is also used to translate the signal captured by the human’s 5 senses. When someone has an abnormal mass there, the function of this organ will be disturbed.

These disturbances are known as the signs and if these are realized early, everything can be handled properly. It means that the chance to be healed will be bigger.

The Brain Cancer Symptoms and Signs

This illness may make different symptoms for each patient. However, the most general sign is the headache which happens over a long period of time. Read also: What is The Life Expectancy of Metastatic Brain Cancer?

This headache is usually worsening when you wake up from sleep, cough, sneeze, and change the head position. That feeling will be not better although you take the painkillers.

In addition to headaches, this kind of tumor can also make its sufferers are easy to get tired, difficult, or unable to move one part of the body (paralyzed).

That is often causes nausea, difficulty in speaking, swallowing. It triggers difficulty in walking, tingling, or numbness in certain parts of the body as well.

The seizures, or showing signs of increased pressure inside the head can occur as well. It is clear that the brain cancer symptoms and signs are varied.

The Other Signs to Know

In fact, the other signs may occur as well such as hearing loss, vision, balance, and body coordination. Those are the physical feelings that you may feel.

However, there are also some psychological characteristics that can appear. Those are difficulty concentrating, insomnia, mood swing, depression, aggression, etc.

The sufferer may have bad logic in assessing a thing and hard to control himself. The other things which may be felt are like hallucinating and feeling confused.

How to Diagnose this Illness

You should know that the brain cancer symptoms and signs can be also caused by other illnesses. Those are like stroke, brain bleeding, or infection.

That is why; it is important to have a strong diagnose medically and not only rely on the characteristic. The doctor will perform a complete examination, starting from evaluating the symptoms felt.

The doing a physical examination, and the additional examinations in the form of the scans. Those are like the CT, PET scans, and MRI of that body part as the further steps.

If it is necessary, the doctor will also recommend an examination of a biopsy of the tissue, to determine the type and stage of The tumor. It is an essential step to do.

The Treatment and Cure

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the treatment step can be done with the surgical removal of brain cancer, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. It may be depending on the severeness.

During the treatment, patients will need a variety of supportive therapies. Those are nutritional therapy, medical rehabilitation therapy (physiotherapy), and psychotherapy.

So, it is recommended to consult a neurologist. The early detection of the brain cancer symptoms and signs will make the treatment has more chance to work effectively. 

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