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Brain Cancer Causes and Prevention

Brain cancer causes and prevention are the kinds of information that you have to know. It is important since this illness is quite scary and can bring so many risks for the sufferers.

The cause of this disease is actually not sure until now. However, based on some researches, several factors can increase the risk to have this illness.

Those are genetic, radiation, smoking, and environmental pollution. Below is further information about brain cancer causes and prevention, check this out. Read also: What is The Brain Cancer Survival Rate?
Brain Cancer Causes and Prevention

Knowing about the Tumor First

The tumor cannot be separated from cancer. For your information, the tumor can be divided into two different stages; the benign and malignant ones.

Brain cancer is happened because of the genetic change in the cells of that organ. That is why; they then grow uncontrollably and destroy the tissues around them.

Besides growing abnormally and quickly, these cells are not having the normal function either. That is why; it is quite dangerous and harmful for a human’s body. Read also: What is The Life Expectancy of Metastatic Brain Cancer?

The Brain Cancer Causes and Prevention: General Cause

Just like the explanation above, the things that trigger this illness are still not known. However, some factors are predicted can increase the risks, such as:

1. Genetic Factor

Most of the tumor cases happened on someone who has a history of cancer in the family. Someone who has other genetic diseases is also riskier to be a sufferer.

Those are the Gorlin syndrome, turner, Li – Fraumeni, Tuberous sclerosis, and neurofibromatosis. Just pay attention if you may have one of those problems.

2. Radiation

Talking about the brain cancer causes and prevention, radiation is also a reason which cannot be separated. It can increase the risk to be a sufferer.

The examples are nuclear radiation, atomic bomb explosion, or even radiotherapy. However, there is a criterion of the radiation for this case.

It means that someone who is contact with this radiation for a long time and in high dosage is riskier to get cancer. The interesting thing is about the time.

Usually, the abnormal cells will be developed after 10 – 15 years since the contact. However, how about the medical procedures which use the radiation signals?

Those procedures are like the CT – scan, radiology, Rontgen, or cell phone are still not too high to cause the illness. That is why; most of them are safe to be applied.

3. The environmental pollution

The V Long-term exposure to certain chemicals can increase the risk of a malignant tumor. These chemicals include pesticides, herbicides (weed exterminators), vinyl chloride, etc.

Those at risk of exposure to these chemicals are farmers, oil refinery workers, as well as employees of the plastics, rubber, and textile industries. They must be more careful.

4. Smoking habit

Brain cancer causes and prevention are also related to your smoking habit. The chemical substances in a cigarette can damage healthy body cells.

After that, it will create lung problems and increase the risk to be a sufferer. If it is your habit, it is better to stop it from now and start a healthier lifestyle.

5. Virus Infection

The virus infection can cause damage to DNA cells so that it may turn out as a malignant tumor. Some viruses are closely related to this illness such as HIV, cytomegalovirus, etc.

Meanwhile, age and s3x are also factors. Based on the medical data, old people have more risks to be sufferers of this illness.

The Prevention

Until now, the preventive ways are still not known. However, it is still recommended to prevent this illness by having a healthy lifestyle and diet program.

Don’t forget to have a regular medical check-up in the hospital. That is the effort to do the brain cancer causes and prevention that can be done.

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