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Possible Advanced Liver Cancer Life Expectancy Based on Stages

Possible Advanced Liver Cancer Life Expectancy Based on Stages - When diagnosed with liver cancer, people tend to worry about their survival rate. As cancer develops into a higher stage, people want to know about advanced liver cancer life expectancy and whether it improves when they already get some medical treatments from doctors.

When liver cancer can be detected in the early stage, the survival rates are quite likely to other cancers with similar prognoses. The life expectancy is diagnosed depends on many factors including the patient’s condition, type of liver cancer, medical treatments given, and even how advanced the diagnosis itself is.

Advanced Liver Cancer Life Expectancy

Advanced Liver Cancer Life Expectancy by Stage

In more advanced stages of liver cancer, patients have a shorter life expectancy that can vary based on the stage it belongs to. The following life expectancy grouping uses the BCLC staging system. This system determines the life expectancy based on cancer size and location as well as the function of the liver.

1. Stage B

When people are still in the early stage of liver cancer, they commonly can survive within 3 years without undergoing any medical treatments. Meanwhile, when they receive medical treatments, they are likely still able to survive more than five years.

However, it can be different when liver cancer already develops into a more advanced stage. Even when they receive treatments, the life expectancy is actually shorter. For instance, if cancer reaches stage B, the survival time of patients approximately is about 16 months without any treatments.

As they get treatments, it increases the life expectancy by few months, which is common within 20 months. Those who suffer from stage B liver cancer need to undergo several medical treatments for advanced cancer such as chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy procedure in this stage is conducted directly to blood vessels to hit the tumor in the liver as well as block the blood supply into the tumor. This procedure is well-known with the name of transarterial chemoembolization.

2.  Stage C

The advanced liver cancer life expectancy for stage C is even shorter. Without receiving any treatments, those who suffer from liver cancer and are already in stage C have approximate survival only between 4 to 8 months. It is actually less than a year.

However, any medical treatments given to patients in stage C can increase their survival length of time by several months although it is commonly still less than a year. Patients in this stage who already get medical treatments can live between 6 to 11 months.

Since the liver cancer in stage C is quite serious, surgery is no longer recommended. Instead, doctors will give patients a medication called sorafenib which can effectively target cancer. Otherwise, the doctors will suggest patients take a clinical trial.

3. Stage D

As the most advanced stage of liver cancer, the patients will be in serious health conditions. Without receiving any medical treatments, the approximate survival length of time for liver cancer patients in stage D is only four months. It is unlikely for the patients to live longer than that.

Stage D is also different from other previous stages. If the previous advanced stages are still possible for the doctors to conduct medical treatments into patients to help increase patients’ life expectancy. In stage D, there are no treatments that work effectively to increase elongate the survival time.

However, dealing with this condition, doctors and specialist nurses will help patients by treating any symptoms that develop continually so that it doesn’t make the patient’s condition even worse. It is because, in this stage, the new symptoms often develop and worsen patients’ health conditions.

The advanced liver cancer life expectancy varies based on the stage where patients belong to. The higher the stage the shorter the life expectancy of patients even when they receive treatment from doctors.

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