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What Are the Signs of Cervical Cancer

A cancer type that occurs in the cervix’s cell is called cervical cancer. Cervix itself is the uterus’s lower part that connects to the woman’s miss V. What are the signs of cervical cancer? What causes this cancer type? What can women do to get rid of cancer and to prevent cancer from occurring?   

Those questions are always bothering women all around the world. Cervical cancer is mostly caused by various types of HPV or the human papillomavirus. Some others got this cancer because of an infection that is s3xually transmitted. You need to know the signs so you’ll know what you have to do next. Read also: Cervical Cancer Survival Rate by Stage

What Are the Signs of Cervical Cancer

What Are the Signs of Cervical Cancer?

When HPV attacks, women’s immune systems usually will prevent that virus from doing harmful things. However, in some women, the virus stays for months and years. Then it contributes to a process that will make some of the cervical cells become cancer cells. Read also: Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy

How do you know if you have cervical cancer? Screening tests usually will tell someone if she has cervical cancer. Someone who has cervical cancer will also see some signs. Below are some signs that indicate you suffer from cervical cancer.

1. Unusual bleeding

In many cervical cancer cases, Miss V's bleeding that is abnormal is the very first noticeable cervical cancer sign. The unusual bleeding includes bleeding after s3x or even during s3x, bleeding between the periods, and bleeding after a woman has been through her menopause.

If you experience unusual bleeding like mentioned above, you need to see a doctor get the best advice. Many women didn’t realize they had cervical cancer until it got worse. Make sure you take the screening test regularly.

2. Other signs of cervical cancer

Another answer for what are the signs of cervical cancer is pain during s3xual intercourse, persistent back and/or pelvic pain that can’t be explained, and increased Miss V discharge. Miss V discharge can be a sign of cervical cancer if it is unlike the usual discharge.

Usually, Miss V discharge that is bloody, watery, heavy, and has a terrible odor is the one sign that someone has cervical cancer. In order to make sure if it is a sign of cervical cancer or not, you need to see the expert and take the test.

If cervical cancer spreads out of the cervix, the signs will also get worse. Before it gets worse, you should take the best medication recommended by the expert.

Statistics of Cervical Cancer

In this year, 14,480 United States women are diagnosed with cervical cancer that is invasive. Black women and Hispanic women are more vulnerable to this disease than other women. Cervical cancer incidence rates dropped by over 50% between the middle of the 1970s to the middle of the 2000s.

It is because of the increasing screening technology. The new screening technology is able to find the changes in the cervix before cancer appears. The decrease in the young women’s incidence rates is also because of the vaccine for HPV.

Just like the incidence rate, the death rate because of cervical cancer has also dropped about 50% since the 1970s. This is because of the screening technology that can detect cervical cancer at an earlier stage.

Stages of Cervical Cancer

Just like other cancer, this cervical cancer is staged in four different stages, from Stage I to Stage IV. And there is recurrent cancer, which is cancer that seems to be gone after treatment but then comes back again. This cancer can come back to the same pelvis or spread to other areas.

Once you have learned about what are the signs of cervical cancer, check on yourself and make sure you are free from cancer.

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