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How to Detect Breast Cancer Early

Giving a treatment about how to detect breast cancer early would be really essential for those who feel like there is something wrong with their breast. Not only giving quick treatment if there is truly cancer.

But it also can help sufferers for preventing deaths due to this disease. Breast cancer however can be really easily handled when it’s still small and hasn’t spread yet. Read more: What is Breast Cancer?

As much as it’s found early, everything will be well treated on the further. However, once you find something unusual with your chest, there will be certain treatments as we’re going to explain down below. Read also: Life Expectancy of Breast Cancer 

How to Detect Breast Cancer Early

Signs of Breast Cancer You Must Early Notice

There are several symptoms of this disease that mostly happen to people’s breasts, so how to detect breast cancer early? Look at these signs. As you find these signs over your chest, it means that you need to do a self-exam immediately:

There are changes over the breast skin such as swelling, redness, and any other visible differences there. Read also: Breast Cancer Survival Rate by Stage

  1. Chests’ shapes are changing and increasing in size
  2. Your nipples also appear differently than before
  3. There is general pain that happens in any part of your chests
  4. Lumps or nodes felt on or inside over the chests
  5. There is irritation or itch
  6. Change of color
  7. Size or shape increases in a short time period
  8. Feel hard, tender, or warm when get touched
  9. Nipple skin is flaking or peeling
  10. Thickening or sometimes lump

How to Detect Breast Cancer Early? Do This Self-Exams

There are several steps that anyone can easily do practice in case of doing a self-exam, and here are the ways:

Step 1: On the first step, you need to begin with standing in front of the mirror to have a clear vision of your chest. Place your shoulders straight and put your arms on your hips. Things you should notice before doing ways on how to detect breast cancer early are:
  • You find the skins yours are dimpling, puckering, or bulging
  • Change of the position of nipple or it’s inverted and pushed inward
  • There is redness, swelling, rash, or soreness around the chests
  • Swelling, Redness, soreness, rash, redness

Step 2: The 2nd step will be a little bit easy. Here you need to look at the same changes by raising your arms.

Step 3: As you’re standing in front of the mirror, find any fluid coming out signs on the chests like it’s getting milky, watery, fluid, or blood over the nipples.

Step 4: On the next step, as you’re lying down, feel every chest by using your single right or left hand. Give a smooth touch over it by using finger pads then keep them flat. Do it in a circular motion about the size of a quarter.

From armpit to cleavage, from collarbone to the top of the abdomen, in doing ways about how to detect breast cancer early should be done side to side and from top to bottom, do it over all the sides of the chest.

Step 5: Then put your body in a sitting and standing position, and feel your chest. The simplest way to feel this part of your body is trying to do an exam while it’s wet and slippery.

Doing the exam in the middle of your shower time will also be recommended. Just do it in the same hand movement as we’re explained on the 4th step-up above.

Breast cancer however should be threatened very well as you found the signs on your chests. By looking for efficient ways about how to detect chests cancer early, now you can take first breast self-examination before bringing it to the doctor for further examination.

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