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Can Breast Cancer Cause Chest Pain

Is not only lump or mass that indicates people get cancer, but questions like “can breast cancer cause chest pain?” is also something that people should be aware of. Not only does this happen in females, this kind of malignancy can also possibly occur in males. Read more: What is Breast Cancer?

Any other signs like additional changes over the skin and chest area will also be other symptoms of this. As there is a tumor over that area, it will cause pain, tenderness, and discomfort, or even a burning sensation to those who suffer from it.

But in some certain conditions, this disease doesn’t even give any tenderness at all. So in order to find out the right answer, below we show you how this condition is explained by experts. Read also: Life Expectancy of Breast Cancer 

Can Breast Cancer Cause Chest Pain

Understanding Breast Pain

So now you’re trying to find out the answer to a question like can breast cancer cause chest pain? So here we try to give you an explanation. Breast pain can be explained as discomfort or tenderness that occurs in the underarm region that is caused by any of these reasons.

But you have to understand that not all pain over that area is caused by cancer. If you ask about whether this feeling of tenderness should be concerned about breast cancer, the answer is between yes and no.

Women that feel hurt over one of two breasts may assume that there is cancer there. But again we say that any hurt over the area is not commonly a symptom of cancer. Read also: Breast Cancer Survival Rate by Stage

What Causes This Discomfort?

So, can breast cancer cause chest pain? As you know that any discomfort feeling doesn’t always come from this disease, now you need to see what causes this, and here are the factors:
  1. It’s commonly caused by puberty, whether in girls or boys
  2. Menstruation and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  3. The first trimester of pregnancy
  4. Menopause
  5. Breastfeeding Mastitis, especially as milk comes in days the following childbirth. However, there is no relation between this condition with tenderness caused by the tumor, but if you let this untreated, it can be a harmful infection
  6. There is an infection inside of the breast called breast abscess

Can Breast Cancer Cause Chest Pain?

Feel of discomfort in the chest area can happen due to certain conditions that are affected by these two factors, including:

1. The Tumor
As a medic says that feel-of-pain is not a common sign of this disease, but if there is a tumor, you can probably feel this discomfort. So how does it happen? It’s because the tumor will push into nearby healthy tissue.

In women, tenderness or inflammation can be one of the early symptoms. Even though it's classified as a rare type of this disease, it tends to grow quickly.

It furthermore causes reddening or even dimpling over your skin. As an early symptom, it will give a burning sensation along with irritation on the nipples.

You don’t have to worry about this condition as it has no relation with questions like “can breast cancer cause chest pain?” But you need also to be seen medically by your doctor and get a clear explanation about this condition.

2. Spread of the Cancer
There is a tenderness caused by this kind of malignancy that mostly happens to those with metastatic disease. It means that there are cells spreading to other parts of the body like the cell travels to the bone and causing discomforts in the hips, back, or even any other part of the bones.

In any other part like the brain, the cells can cause headaches. Like if it is back pain with leg weakness, it can possibly be caused by this malignancy as it spreads to the vertebrate and spinal column. That condition is called spinal cord compression.

So, have you gotten the answer to the question like can breast cancer cause chest pain? Now you can understand what happens to your body right now by looking at those explanations.

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